How to Install a Video in Your Website in WordPress

Installing videos in your WordPress website is a great way to engage your audience and add some life to your content. Videos give your website life and make it more interesting to watch. Videos can be used for various purposes like educating your audience or entertaining them.

There are various plugins that can be used to make videos easy to embed in a WordPress website. One such plugin is JW Player which is a great alternative to videos built with Adobe’s Flash software. JW Player is a JavaScript/HTML5 video player and does not require Adobe Flash to be installed on your website.

Why Videos?

People love to watch videos. They keep streaming services like Netflix and Hulu afloat because people want to be entertained by these videos. People like funny videos, videos about animals, and most importantly, they like videos that teach them something new. If you can find a way to incorporate videos into your marketing plans, you can bet your audience will love it.

How Do I Install a Video in My Website?

To install a video in your WordPress website, you will need to visit the WordPress plugins page. Here, you will see a variety of plugins that can be used to enhance your website. Among these plugins, you will see a series of video players. One of these video players, JW Player, happens to be the one we discussed earlier. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be installing and using this plugin.

Once you have located the JW Player plugin, simply click on the Install button to begin the process of installing the plugin to your site. You will need to enter a short name for the plugin (we will use “jwplayerengine” for this example) and a description. The plugin will then be installed to your site. Now, if you visit your site’s dashboard, you will see a small bar at the top with the name of the plugin and an option to show more plugins or to view your site’s analytics.

From here, you can click on the JW Player icon to access the plugin settings. Here, you can configure the video player as you see fit. To add a video, simply click on the Add New button and locate a YouTube video. You can also use other video hosting services like Vimeo or Twitch.

Adding a Video

Now that you have your JW Player plugin installed and configured, it’s time to add a video to your website and engage your audience. To do this, simply return to the dashboard, click on the three dots icon, and select Library from the dropdown menu. 

Here, you will see all of your installed plugins along with their description and the number of active installs (the number of sites where the plugin is currently installed). To add a video to your website, simply click on the Add New button and locate a YouTube video. 

Installing videos in your WordPress website is both simple and fun. Videos give your website life and engage your audience while also teaching them something new. If you can think of a creative way to use videos in your WordPress website, we would love to hear about it!