How to Make Sure Your Website is Found on Google’s WordPress Blog

In case you’re wondering, “Wordpress” is a web publishing software that can be accessed from multiple web hosting companies including Bluehost, which we recommend. Keep reading to learn more about why you should use WordPress to host your site.

Why Should You Use WordPress To Host Your Site?

Since its inception in 2007, WordPress has grown to become the most popular content management system on the Web. It can be used to build a variety of websites, from personal blogs to corporate websites, with or without a CMS (Content Management System).

What makes WordPress so special is its open-source nature and its capability to be installed and configured in a matter of minutes. This, in combination with its popularity, makes it a perfect choice for people who are looking to launch a new site or need to update an existing one.

In addition, the WordPress community is constantly growing and developing new tools and plugins that can make your life as a content manager easier. For example, the Media Library, which gives you access to all of your photos, videos, and other media from a single location; or Jetpack, which is a collection of free add-ons that you can use to fully customize your WordPress experience.

WordPress Is An Excellent Choice Because of Its Advanced Security Features

Speaking of security, one of the main reasons why you should opt for WordPress is its built-in security features. These security features can be enabled through a variety of methods, from simply activating them through your WordPress dashboard to more security-conscious options such as using a security plugin.

You should always take extra precautions when it comes to the security of your website. However, WordPress provides a variety of mechanisms that can make your website more secure. Some of these mechanisms are:

  • Password Protect Blog
  • Set Up Two Factor Authentication
  • Use HTTPS
  • Use a Security Key
  • Choose A Secure Hosting Plan
  • Activate Anti-Bot Protection
  • Choose A Highly Trusted Certificate From Let’s Encrypt
  • Install A Plugin That Scans For Crawlers
  • Set Up Subdomain Privacy
  • Use Redirection For Anonymous Guests
  • Use Hashes For File Downloads
  • Deny Access To Certain Files To Certain IP Addresses
  • Use Robots.txt To Block Crawlers From Indexing Certain Files

You can use these security measures in combination to create a significantly more secure experience for your website’s visitors. For example, you could enable two-factor authentication using Google Authenticator or a similar app on your smartphone. In addition, whenever you use a secured connection (i.e., using HTTPS) when accessing your site, you’ll add an extra level of security.

You may also want to use a security key to create a one-time password that can be used to log in to your WordPress dashboard and make edits. Securing your dashboard and updating your billing information are just a couple of the things you could do with a security key. You can find out more at the WordPress website here.

WordPress Is An Excellent Choice Because of its Multi-Language Capabilities

WordPress has a built-in feature that allows you to translate the site’s content into multiple languages. This is a great option for anyone whose site’s content might not be accessible to everyone. In addition, you can use a multilingual toolkit, such as Google Translate, to make it easier for your visitors to understand you.

If you’re looking for a free option, you can use HubSpot’s multilingual website tool to quickly and easily translate your website into any language. You’ll find a link to this in the footer of every HubSpot website.

WordPress Is An Excellent Choice Because of Its Performance

Another important aspect to consider when choosing a content management system is performance. The performance of your site will depend on your web host’s performance, but it will also depend on the theme you use and other site-specific features. For instance, if you use a theme that is designed for speed, your site may load faster than those built with a theme that was designed for visual appeal.

Some themes, like Divi, are incredibly fast and highly optimized for search engines. If you’re curious as to how your current theme’s performance compares to that of Divi, you can use this free tool from to test it out.

In addition to performance, you should also check out your site’s error log to see if there are any errors that might be hindering your site’s ability to perform as expected. Checking this regularly will help you identify any performance issues before they become a problem.

WordPress Is An Excellent Choice Because of Its Free Updates

As a result of its open-source nature, WordPress is continually maintained and updated by a team of volunteers. This means that, in addition to its regular security and performance updates, you’ll always have the latest version of WordPress available to you whenever you want it.

If you’re looking for a CMS that is regularly updated and maintained, or if you just want to keep up with the latest trends, WordPress is the clear choice. In most cases, you’ll only have to pay for the web hosting you use, and if you sign up for a free plan, you’ll have access to the latest version of WordPress.

WordPress Is An Excellent Choice Because of Its User-Friendly Interface

Last, but not least, we’d like to mention that WordPress is a very user-friendly software. While it was initially designed for blogging, it has evolved to become much more than that. In fact, you can use it to build just about any type of website you could think of, with or without a blog.

The great thing about WordPress is that it makes setting up a website easy and accessible for anyone. If you’re wondering how to create a basic blog, you can use WordPress. If you’re interested in making your site more sophisticated, you can use the great tool WordPress itself to develop an entire website in no time at all.

In case you’re wondering, WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that can be used to build a variety of websites, from personal blogs to corporate websites, with or without a CMS. It is one of the most popular options for anyone who wants to quickly and easily set up a website. In fact, since its inception in 2007, WordPress has grown to become the most popular content management system on the Web, with over 75 million sites currently running on it. In addition to being a content management system, WordPress is also an open-source software project that is constantly being updated and maintained by a team of volunteers. This ensures that you will always have access to the latest version of WordPress and can upgrade or downgrade as needed.