How to Easily Transfer a WordPress Site From One Hosting to Another

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to move a WordPress website from one hosting plan to another. Maybe you’re looking to switch from free to premium hosting or you just want to try out a new hosting company. Whatever the case, moving from one hosting plan to another can be a hassle. Thankfully, there are several tools available that can make the process much smoother. In this article, we’ll discuss five such tools so you can easily transfer your website (with minimum hassle).

1. Easy WordPress Migrations

One of the tools that can really make the process of moving a WordPress site painless is Easy WordPress Migrations. This plugin lets you (the administrator) manage the entire migration, from triggering the process to importing the WordPress site and importing your content. If you’ve ever had to manually move your site from one hosting plan to another, you’ll know how time-consuming and tricky this process can be. With Easy WordPress Migrations, the entire procedure is automated, so you can sit back and relax while the process takes care of itself.

2. Migrate-Pro

Another tool that can be used to seamlessly migrate a WordPress site from one hosting plan to another is Migrate-Pro. Like Easy WordPress Migrations, this plugin automates the entire process, from triggering the migration to importing the WordPress site and importing your content. However, Migrate-Pro goes the extra mile by intelligently choosing the best hosting plan for you based on your site’s existing configuration. If you haven’t used Migrate-Pro before, this is the perfect opportunity to try it out. Just install the plugin, and you’ll see a dashboard where you can configure all sorts of aspects of your site’s migration. You’ll also find tutorials and documentation to get you up and running quickly.


The WP-CLI is a command line interface for WordPress. This tool allows you to perform several tasks related to running and managing your site from the command line. A handy dandy tool for any WordPress administrator. The main command you’ll want to know about is `wp migrate`, which will take you to the WordPress Migrate dashboard. There, you can enter the URL of the site you’d like to transfer, select the new location for your blog, and then click `Migrate` to begin the process. From there, the cli tool will take care of the rest. You can read our full guide to the WP-CLI here. We recommend getting to know this tool if you’re looking to completely automate the process of migrating your WordPress site.

4. FTP

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a simple and easy to use networking protocol that allows you to transfer files between different computers on a network. Many sites, including this one, use FTP to transfer files to and from their server (web hosting company). You can use an FTP client (like Filezilla, WinSCP, or Transmit) to connect to your server and start uploading your site’s files. As you’re overwriting files on your server, you might encounter errors. Should this happen, you can use the FTPCheck tool to diagnose the errors and fix them before you continue uploading your files. This is a great option for those looking for a free and open-source alternative to Cloud Storage.

5. Google Cloud Storage

Last but not least, we have Google Cloud Storage. This is a service that provides simple, scalable, and cost-effective storage for your data. You can store all sorts of files in Google Cloud Storage, including photos, videos, and documents. One of the things that makes this option so great is that it has a file manager that you can use to navigate your files easily. You can read our full guide to Google Cloud Storage here. It’s a no brainer that Google Cloud Storage is our #5 choice for those looking to transfer a WordPress site. Not only is it super convenient, but it also has the peace of mind that comes with being stored on the cloud.

Which One Should You Choose?

As you can see, there are several tools available that can make the process of moving a WordPress site from one hosting plan to another easy. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for automating all of your site’s configurations so you can focus on your content, then these five tools are your answer. We recommend giving Migrate-Pro a try as it can import all of your WordPress site’s data, including your content, and make the necessary changes to support the new hosting plan. If you’re looking for a simple, free solution that still enables you to use advanced features, then Easy WordPress Migrations is the perfect option. Lastly, if you already use Google Cloud Storage and are looking for an additional solution, then you can check out the Google Cloud Storage API to easily integrate your Google account with your blog.

Hopefully, this article gave you enough information to choose the right tool for the job. Don’t forget, transferring a site’s content and configurations from one hosting plan to another can be a tricky process, and it’s best to avoid doing it manually if possible. Using the tools listed above makes this entire process much simpler and, we hope, less stressful. Thank you for reading! We hope this article helped you make the right decision about which tool to use for transferring a WordPress site from one hosting plan to another.