How to Set Up a Form for a WordPress Website

WordPress is the most popular website content management system among bloggers and small business owners. It’s free and available for anyone to use. What’s more, it’s extremely easy to use and get started with.

If you’re looking to launch a WordPress website, or are just curious about what it’s like to work with the platform, this article will teach you everything you need to know.

Choosing A Hostname

Before you can launch your WordPress site, you need to choose a WordPress hostname. A hostname is the domain name that will be used to access your website (e.g., When choosing this name, make sure that it’s not already taken by someone else (seeĀ this guide on how to choose a WordPress host).

You also need to decide on a subdomain for your site. When someone visits a site with a subdomain (e.g.,, their web browser will automatically try to connect to the subdomain’s web server (e.g., to display the content. Your host may have a free subdomain but, if it doesn’t, you’ll need to purchase one from them.

To avoid any conflicts, it’s best to pick a subdomain that isn’t already being used by someone else.

Choosing A Username

The next step is to choose a username for your site. Your user name will be the name that others will see when they visit your site (e.g., admin, editor, or webmaster). When creating this name, make sure that it isn’t already in use by someone else. (SeeĀ this guide on choosing a WordPress user name).

Doing business online has never been easier; all you need is a reliable and affordable web host, a WordPress installer, and a few simple tools to launch a site. No matter what stage you’re at in your blogging journey, this article will help get you started on the right foot.