How to Set Up PayPal Through a WordPress Website on YouTube

Creating a WordPress website is incredibly easy – even beginners can do it in their spare time. The great thing is that there are plenty of pre-designed themes to choose between, so no matter what your interests are, there’s a WordPress theme for that! The only issue that many people face is figuring out how to set up PayPal processing on their site. Thanks to the wonders of technology, we’ve done some research and found a way for you to set up PayPal payments quickly and easily through a WordPress website! Let’s take a look.

Get A Merchant Account With PayPal

One of the first things you’ll need to do to set up PayPal payments through a WordPress website is to get a merchant account with them. A merchant account is a type of payment processing account that businesses can open up with PayPal. It is different from a normal account in that it allows you to process credit cards and accept online payments – typically for products and services sold on your website. Most traditional banks and credit card companies frown upon processing online transactions, so in order to avoid any trouble, you’ll need to look into alternative payment processing options.

You’ll need to fill out a short application and then wait for approval. Once you have it, you’ll be able to choose between a small business option or a creative individual option for your PayPal account. If you are new to this, go with the small business plan since it’s safer and has better limits – at least at first.

Get A PayPal Button

Next, you’ll need to get a PayPal button to place on your website. The great thing about a PayPal button is that you can link to any website you want. When someone clicks the button, they’ll automatically be taken to the PayPal website where they can make the payment. The downside is that PayPal fees are high and can reach up to 3% of the transaction. If you have a limited budget, this could put a bit of a damper on your business plans.

Install Stripe

If you are looking for an even cheaper option, you can try out Stripe. Stripe is a third party platform that provides you with a virtual credit card. When someone makes a purchase via your website, they will have the option to pay with their credit card or PayPal account. The great thing about Stripe is that it is a completely free option and doesn’t charge any fees for account set-up or transactions. It also handles all the billing and shipping for you – so there’s no need to go through the hassle of ordering products and dealing with shipping companies yourself.

Use The PayPal API

An even cheaper and simpler option than Stripe is to use their API to directly process credit card payments through your WordPress website. With the API, you don’t need a PayPal button or other types of linking mechanisms. When someone makes a purchase on your website, the order will automatically go through successfully. It’s a great option for those with a limited budget or simply want to try out a new payment processor.

Use Checkout In A Braintree-Style

Another alternative to PayPal is Braintree (formerly GoPayment). Like PayPal, Checkout is a third party platform that provides you with a merchant account and payment processing tools. What makes Checkout stand out is that they offer a flexible and easy to use platform. You don’t need to build and host your own shopping cart. Instead, you can let WordPress handle all the heavy lifting and just set up a few simple form fields for customers to enter their payment information.

Use Your Own Braintree Account

If you are looking to process credit cards yourself, rather than letting a third party do it for you, you can set up a personal Braintree account. Just make sure that you are aware of all the charges that come with it – since you’re going to be handling all the transactions, there are some fees that you need to be aware of. Nonetheless, it’s a great option for those who want to have full control over their payments and aren’t afraid to take the reins themselves.

Make Sure That You Register With The Right NIC

Since you’re going to be handling all the financial transactions, you’ll want to make sure that you register with the right Network Interface Card (NIC). Some cards charge fees when used for online transactions, so make sure that you register with a free one. Another important factor to consider is that some cards have a limit on how many online transactions you can make per day – so make sure you stay below that limit or else you’ll be charged fees. Luckily, you can find a reliable and free NIC that you can register with to use for your transactions. For more information, visit this site:




What To Look Forward To

Once you have set up all the above, you’ll need to sit back and enjoy the benefits of having a fully functioning PayPal account on your site. There are a few things that you can look forward to once you have a PayPal account set up on your WordPress website.

First off, you’ll want to have someone follow up with the initial approval email. Not too often, but maybe once or twice a week, you’ll get an email reminder from PayPal. It’s pretty easy to forget about an email that you’ve already opened – but it’s important that you keep these emails somewhere safe. This is so you can refer back to them when needed. It would also be beneficial to set up a task to follow up with these emails. Every week or every other week, you can follow up with the vendors to make sure that the payment is going through correctly. You can also use this opportunity to cross-check the information that the vendor provides you with – that way, you’ll be certain that everything is accurate.

Another great feature of PayPal is that it gives you a credit for each transaction that you make. Once you reach a certain threshold, you’ll be able to apply for a credit card of your choice. What’s great about this option is that it gives you somewhere to spend your credits. If you have a travel blog, for example, you can purchase a Travel Protection plan from PayPal with your credits. This plan provides you with added coverage for travel accidents and incidents. Due to the high prices that travel insurance can cost, this is a great option for those who want to be able to travel but don’t have the funds available at the moment. As a business owner, this is a good option to have since it allows you to set up shop anywhere and maintain your clients – without having to worry about hidden fees or overage charges. You can apply for a credit card today – and if you do, you can have PayPal send you a Visa or Mastercard by mail. All that’s left for you to do is go through the application process and enjoy your new plastic.