How to Start Your WordPress Website Without Existing Content

If you’re looking for ways to spread the word about your product or service, you’ve probably considered creating a blog. Launching a website is easier than you think – provided you have the right tools.

You might already use tools like WordPress to design and launch your site. Or, you could use a simple HTML template and launch a basic blog in no time at all. Regardless, when it comes to starting a blog, the most important thing you need is content. Without content, your blog will never go live – and you’ll never get your voice out there.

Fortunately, it’s possible to have content without having to write a book. You can use tools like BuzzSumo to quickly find topics that are popular and profitable, and then leverage those to build your audience. You can also use your blog to showcase your expertise as a marketer, content strategist, or SEO expert – and draw in leads and opportunities using content marketing.

Here’s how to start a profitable blog – without any content.

Get A Name

The first step is to find a name for your blog. We’ll go over a few blog options in a moment – but, for now, you need to keep it simple and memorable. Think about a domain that you might want to purchase later on (like that’s both memorable and includes the keywords you typically need to rank for in the search engines.

Find A Niche

Your blog’s niche speaks to its targeted audience. Think of a hobby blog that documents your passion for model trains or planes. Or, use the example above and blog about marketing, strategy, or digital marketing. There are tons of niches out there – and, luckily, you don’t need to choose a general topic like ‘blogging’ to start a successful blog. You can literally start any type of blog and become a successful business owner – provided you have the right tools.

Choose The Right Blog Tools

You have a wide array of tools at your disposal when launching a blog. There are free blogging platforms like WordPress that provide you with everything you need to get started (including a domain name and hosting service). Or, you can use a tool like Blogger to get a free account that provides you with a platform and lets you launch your blog in no time.

Get To Work

Once you have everything set up, dive into content creation. It’s extremely easy to get started – but, just like with any new endeavour, building up a blog takes time. You’ll eventually need to write content for your blog – but, during the initial stage, you can use tools like Buzzsumo, ClixSense, or Growthoid to get some content created for you. Just remember that each piece of content you create will eventually need to be promoted on your blog. You can use tools like Adsense or affiliate marketing to monetise content – or, you can use a tool like Ninja Outreach to find relevant companies that could become your affiliate partners.

The Importance Of Content

The role of content in regards to a blog is extremely important and cannot be overemphasised. Without good content, you won’t have a successful blog. Luckily, it is possible to have content without having to write a book – provided you have the right tools. Once you have a sizable audience (like Marvellous Marketing above), you can use your blog to educate and entertain your followers. Create articles that will spark thought-provoking discussions and add value to your audience.

If you follow the steps mentioned above, you’ll be able to quickly and effortlessly launch a profitable blog – without needing to write a book.