How to Steal a WordPress Website with wget

WordPress is one of the most popular Content Management Systems (CMS) used today. It’s popular because it’s easy to use, free, and open source. While many people use WordPress for blogging, it can be used to create complex websites with several unique features.

Because WordPress can be configured in many different ways, it can be used to create a wide variety of websites. Therefore, if you want to steal a WordPress website, you can do so easily by using the wget internet download manager.

We’ll examine how to use wget to download a WordPress site with the goal of learning how to steal a WordPress website so you can replicate it for your own use.

The Basics of a WordPress Website

If you’ve never heard of WordPress, the first thing you should probably do is visit their website to learn more. On their front page, you’ll see a series of links and items that are defined as “blocks”. Similar to a Google search box, you can use these blocks to navigate to different parts of the WordPress website.

For beginners, the WordPress site makes complex technologies such as SEO and cross-browser compatibility really easy to understand. As a result, many webmasters choose to use WordPress to build their websites because it takes less time to set up. Furthermore, WordPress is extremely flexible and can be configured in many different ways.

To begin setting up a WordPress website, you’ll need to access your hosting account. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a screen that looks like this:

This is your WordPress Dashboard. On the left side of the page, you’ll see a series of links and menus that allow you to configure various aspects of your site. To begin creating your first WordPress site, click the “Add New” button in the upper right corner.

Installing WordPress to Your Server

Once you’ve clicked on “Add New”, you’ll be brought to the WordPress Dashboard where you can begin configuring your site. If you’re curious about how to use WordPress effectively, I suggest you begin by reading the WordPress Documentation. Besides, don’t hesitate to explore the many plugins available for WordPress. Many WordPress users and webmasters rely on these plugins to enhance their sites with additional features.

As a first step, you’ll want to enter a name for your site in the “Name” field. Make sure to capitalize the “Name” field properly because this is how WordPress handles the names of articles and other content. After you’ve entered the “Name” of your site, click the “Publish” button.

This will initiate a “Publish” process that takes time to complete. During this process, WordPress will check for errors and also make sure that your website is properly formatted for the search engines.

The Easy, Yet Effective Way to Download a WordPress Website With wget

Now that you have a basic website set up, it’s time to begin adding content to it. To do this, you have a couple of options. You can either use the free site or the widely available to create your content. To download a WordPress website with wget, you’ll need the wget command line tool. If you don’t have it already, download it from here.

If you already have wget installed on your computer, simply enter the following command:


If not, download and install it now. You’ll then be presented with a simple login screen. You can use the default “admin” and “admin” as your username and password. Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be presented with the wget default page:

From here, you can enter a new URL for your site in the “Enter new URL” box and click the “Update” button to get the latest content from WordPress.

Alternatively, you can use the Search box on the left to enter a keyword or two and click the “Search” button to instantly view a list of results from the Google search engine. From here, you can choose the result you wish to download. Make sure to read the comments and other content alongside the results to get a better idea of what the website is about.

If you decide on the Google search result, simply enter the URL it gives you into the “Enter new URL” box and click the “Update” button to start the download process. When it’s finished, you’ll be presented with a page that lists the various files that make up your WordPress website. This page can be accessed by clicking the “Files” tab on the left.

From here, you can click on any of the links or folders to go to that directory on your server. For example, if you want to go to the “images” directory, simply type this URL:

And click the “Go” button to get there quickly. On the other hand, if you want to access the “about” page, you can use the following URL:

To save you the trouble of looking for these directories manually, you can use the “Files” tab to select all the directories and files you want wget to download and then use the “Manage” button to navigate to that directory directly from the wget Dashboard page.

Further Improvements To Your Website

Now that you have a basic understanding of how to steal a WordPress website, you might wonder how to improve upon this process. Since the wget tool can be used to download a WordPress website, you might want to add additional features to make the process easier and more efficient. There are several tweaks you can make to make this task less strenuous. For example, you can use the wget -d or –depth option to download several files and directories at a time.

If you’ve ever used rsync to synchronize files across multiple machines, you’ll know how cumbersome it can be to manually enter the command and make sure everything gets placed where it should. With wget, this process is made easier because you can simply enter:

wget -d

and press enter to have all the files and folders from the WordPress website downloaded to your computer. This is an incredibly useful tool for people who maintain multiple websites because it saves a lot of time when compared to manually synchronizing files across several machines. Using wget to download a WordPress site also ensures all the files are kept intact as they were originally included on the server. If you use an FTP client to download a WordPress website, you run the risk of losing some of the files because the transfer might not be 100% reliable. Using wget, you can be certain all the files will be downloaded intact.

Installing a SSL Certificate to Your Server

To ensure your site is as safe as possible, you can encrypt all the traffic going to and from your site using an SSL certificate. When someone visits your site, they will see a padlock symbol in the URL bar next to the address.

If you host your site on a Linux server, you can install an SSL certificate using the following commands:


Then, click the “Continue to SSL Settings” button to have a pop-up appear with the details of your newly installed certificate. You’ll then want to click the “Update button” to have your certificate activated. Once this is done, you can test out your site by visiting a few of your favorite websites. If everything goes well, you can remove the “http” from the URLs of your site.