How to Upload Google HTML to WordPress Website

Googling “how to upload google html to wordpress website” or “how to upload google webpage to wordpress” will yield hundreds of results, but many of these results will not help you.
The reason is that most of these results are not related to what you are actually looking for and, instead, will teach you how to add a blog to your site using an HTML template that you find on the internet.
This is not what you are looking for, is it?

You want to learn how to upload Google HTML to WordPress so that you can edit it and make it look like a professional website.

In this article, you will learn two methods that can help you achieve this.
The first is through Google Page Building, which allows you to quickly and easily build a completely custom Google web page and then easily import it into your WordPress site.
The second option is through WordPress’ built-in HTML Editor, which, although it is not as quick and easy as using Page Building, allows you to edit the code of any page on your site, including imported Google HTML.

Use Google Page Building To Upload Google HTML To WordPress

The first method is to use the free tool Google Page Building from the Google Store.
This tool allows you to take any HTML template and immediately begin editing it so that it looks like the website you are trying to create.

To use this tool, navigate to and enter the website’s URL (e.g., in the box at the top.

From there, you can start editing the HTML template, making changes as you need to.
When you are finished, click Save to save your work and then click Publish to publish your page.

If you decide later that you would like to link to this specific page from some of your own content or from a product review you write, all you have to do is re-enter the URL in the box above and then copy and paste it into your work.

Use The WordPress HTML Editor To Edit Any HTML On Your Site

The second option is to use WordPress’ HTML Editor (also known as the WP editor or WYSIWYG HTML Editor), which is one of the many massive features that the premium version of WordPress ($49.00/mo) offers.

To access the HTML Editor, from your WordPress dashboard, click on Tools in the menu on the left, then click HTML Editor.

The first thing you will see when you open the HTML Editor is a Google search bar. If you type in a topic you are interested in, like wordpress, you will see a list of results that are relevant to your search term.

From there, you can click Create to begin editing the page’s content, working in HTML or XHTML standards.

When you are done making changes, click Preview to see how your work will look.

If you decide that you would like to use a particular theme for your site, you can click Apply to apply it and begin using it. For the sake of this article, let’s say that you select Fancy for your theme.

When you select Fancy for your theme, you will see that the WordPress dashboard has changed.

Along with the dashboard’s layout, you will see that the fonts have changed and the colors of the page have been altered.

What Is Google Page Building?

So far, we have established that Google Page Building is a free tool from the Google Store that allows you to take any HTML template and immediately begin editing it so that it looks like the website you are trying to create.

This tool helps you in a few ways:

  • It automatically generates a completely unique, search engine-optimized website URL for you.
  • It allows you to easily update the template’s code as you need to.
  • It can also integrate with various affiliate programs to earn a commission whenever someone clicks a product or service link on your website.

Why Should You Use It?

There are a few reasons why you should use Google Page Building to quickly and easily build a website, even if you are not a professional. First, the tool is free, so you have nothing to lose. Second, it is simple to use and, once you have used it once or twice, you will find that it is very easy to use. Lastly, if you are creating a public-facing website for businesses and brands, then using a free tool like this one is a good choice, as it lets you get the basic functionality of a website up and running quickly.

How It Works

After you have launched your page, you can begin making changes to the template by clicking on Edit HTML.

From there, you can begin making changes to the template’s code, just as you would any other code on your site.

The Benefits

The only real benefit of using Google Page Building is that it makes it simpler for anyone to build a website, as it takes the inconvenience of finding an html template and makes it as simple as possible.

Anyone can use this tool to build a website, even if they have little or no experience in web design. As a business owner or brand manager, you can use this tool to build a website for your business or brand quickly and easily, without needing to learn web design or coding from scratch.


Google Page Building is completely safe and secure, as all the code is generated and integrated on your site automatically.


To add an HTML template to your site using Google Page Building, you only need to follow three steps:

  • 1. Find an HTML template;
  • 2. Open it in the Google Page Building tool;
  • 3. Import it into WordPress and start editing.

This is much simpler than the methods we have so far discussed, which usually require you to find a free wordpress theme, install it, and then link it to an existing blog.

It’s as simple as that!

You can use this method if you want to create a quick, basic website, like a personal blog or product review blog.