How to Use Canva Website Templates in WordPress

A website template is a ready-made design for your website that you can simply add your content into.

While it can be helpful to get a head start and have a pre-designed website that you can simply plug-in and edit, you should instead be using a website template framework such as

The advantage of using a website template is that you can get a completely unique design that will look fantastic no matter what type of content you add into it. In addition, you can use a wide variety of websites templates to completely change the vibe and style of your website.

The Best Part of a Website

You can use a variety of built-in features on Canva to completely change the layout and style of your website. For example, you can add widgets, change the background image or color, and add content such as text, photos, or other items from your Canva account.

WordPress is a well-known blogging platform that many people use to create websites. However, you should avoid using WordPress for any type of enterprise-level site as it was not designed to handle heavy loads of traffic or to be regularly updated. You should instead be using a standalone website hosting plan from a reliable company to host your WordPress blog.

In addition to being able to change the appearance of your site, you can use widgets to add functionality such as displaying recent posts, displaying events from your calendar, or displaying a random feed from your social media accounts.

Why Use a Website Template Instead of WordPress

Although WordPress is an incredibly popular choice among bloggers who want to create a website, it was not designed to handle the heavy loads of traffic that many large blogs produce. In addition, it was not designed to be regularly updated so when a new post is published, the blog will not be able to post again for several hours or days due to the heavy traffic.

Since it was not designed to handle the load that a large blog produces, using a website template will give you a much better experience online. The load on the server will be lower and the speed of the site will be faster.

What Should You Look Forward To In Terms of Website Content

The content that you add into your website will determine how successful it is. If you want to add content that is informative and engaging, you will greatly benefit from using a website template as it will make your work much easier and the content will look more professional. In terms of designing a blog or a news site, you should fully understand the anatomy of a well-written article so that you can replicate it when needed.