Images Not Loading on WordPress Website?

You’ve just bought that fancy new computer, and you’re eagerly trying to log in to see the wonderful images you’ve just downloaded. But your login page is telling you that the images aren’t loaded, and it’s not letting you in. What gives?

This isn’t something you easily forget about once you’ve come across it. Seeing images on a page and not having them appear instantly is a really frustrating experience. In this article, we’ll tell you exactly what is causing this issue and how you can easily fix it. We’ll cover everything from creating the necessary folder structure for your images to the actual source of the problem, so you can address it correctly.

The Source Of The Problem

When we talk about images not loading on a website, we’re usually referring to the source of the problem. And when it comes to WordPress websites and image issues, the problem usually originates in one of two places: the /wp-content/uploads or wp-content/images/ folder.

If you look in your WordPress dashboard, you’ll see a group of files and folders with colorful folder labels. One of those folders is named uploads, and it contains your images. Your images live inside the /wp-content/uploads/ folder. So if you see that images aren’t loading on your site, it’s most likely that the issue comes from there.

On the other hand, the images folder in your WordPress root directory will also contain your site’s images. If you’ve uploaded those images using a traditional FTP client and they seem to be loading correctly, but other images aren’t showing when you navigate to them, it could be that your web host is blocking the direct access to those images by caching them internally. In that case, you’d need to contact your web host for assistance.