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I’m sure you’ve all heard of “photobombing” by now. It’s when a photographer or group of photographers take a quick snap of you or your friends during a festive holiday event and it ends up being shared all over social media.

While the intention may be to embarrass the person being photographed or share an amusing story about a festive photo opp, the result is often quite the opposite. Suddenly, the good times everyone was hadining are tarnished by a picture of a person sticking their tongue out at the camera.

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people and in other cases, bad things happen to really bad people. While many of us can relate to the embarrassment of having an unflattering picture taken during a festive season, maybe the person you’re looking to shame actually had something good happen that day. Maybe they were having fun and enjoying themselves and that’s what makes this scenario so difficult—you don’t want to ruin someone’s fun because of an impulsive reaction.

Don’t Take Pictures Of Cobwebs Or Garbage

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about photos over the years it’s that they’re easy to misuse. We’ve all seen those “grammy” style pictures where someone hands over their smartphone at the instant the photo was taken. Looking at their face, you’d never guess they were being that shy. In reality, they probably just wanted to show off how “caught” they were being at the precise moment the shutter went off.

Another common mistake people make is taking pictures of things that aren’t worth keeping. Many of us have a tendency to grab the first camera we see when we arrive at an event and don’t give much thought as to whether or not the picture is worth pursuing. While there are certainly times and places where this is appropriate, if you’re out and about and stumble upon something that catches your attention, why not go ahead and see if it’s worth shooting?

If someone is being especially difficult to get a picture with and you’re the one holding the camera, it’s sometimes best to walk away. Even when there is someone you want to embarrass, sometimes it’s better to keep your mouth shut. There is always the option of passing along your negative experience as a cautionary tale and continuing the education of a better photographer.

Keep Your Phone On Your Person At All Times

While we’re on the subject of photographs, it’s important to note that having a phone in your possession while taking a photo adds an additional layer of risk. More often than not, people are careless with their phones and don’t keep them on their bodies when they should. When the phone is in the same vicinity as the heart, it’s often best practice to keep it on you. This is especially important when taking group photos. For instance, let’s say there are eight people in your group and you’re taking a group photo. If any of those people have their phones on them, it means the photo was just “hastily” taken. There’s always the option of having a professional take the picture with your phone on you. Just remember, if you’re going to be doing any kind of photography, whether professional or personal, it’s important to keep your phone on you at all times.

Check The Lighting Before You Shoot

If there is one thing we’ve all learned over the years is that good lighting is essential for capturing photos that are appealing. You wouldn’t believe how many photos end up being ruined by poor lighting. Just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean that it’s perfect for taking pictures. As soon as the sun starts to set, everything starts to look a little dull. You’d be surprised how many pictures end up being ruined by poor lighting. Just because the sun is shining doesn’t mean that it’s perfect for taking pictures.

Another thing about the lighting is that we often confuse it with the color of the objects being photographed. The color of the lighting doesn’t affect the end product at all. It’s only the lighting condition that determines how the photo will look. If there is a specific color that you’re looking for, you can always ask the lighting provider for some samples. They may also be able to suggest different kinds of lighting to fit your needs. Bright sunlight can make things look vibrant, but it can also bleach out colors significantly. If you want vibrant colors, look for a photo taken under overcast skies or at night. When it comes to taking a good picture, it’s important to understand that there’s more than one kind of “good” lighting. You don’t always need sunlight to get good results. Sometimes you can get very artistic lighting effects when the light is coming from different angles or there’s a colored light hanging from the ceiling. It can really help to have a professional take a look at your photos once you’re done and suggest ways of making them better. This is especially important for wedding photos, where you may not have the best quality camera and you’re doing this all by yourself. Having someone look at your photos and give you tips can really help improve your photography skills.

Back Up Your Photos Every Week

As the name would suggest, cloud storage makes it easy to back up your photos. With many services offering free trials, it’s easy to set up automated backups. Just remember that space is incredibly limited so you may not want to store lots of photos on these kinds of services. For instance, consider using a service that offers 25GB of free storage space. That’s enough for a couple of hundred standard-sized photos. If you’re planning to photograph an event, meeting, or any kind of social gathering, take a look at how much space you’ll need. It’s best to think of how much space you’ll need now and how much more you might need as time goes on. It’s also important to keep in mind the limitation of what you can store: the larger the file, the less space it takes up. Don’t expect that every photo will end up being 5MB big. Most of the time, they won’t. Even when the photos are small, it’s still a good idea to back them up on a regular basis.

Be Careful When Editing Your Photos In Dark Rooms

Editing your photos in a dark room is all the more difficult when you don’t have the proper tools. When you’re doing this kind of editing on a smartphone, it’s important to remember that the display screen isn’t exactly “light-sensitive.” This means that if you’re editing your photos on a smaller screen, the picture may turn out strangely because of the difference in the brightness of the screen and the ambient light. This can be especially difficult if you’re trying to edit photos on a flight or a car trip. Just remember that artificial lighting is never going to replace the light coming from outside. Even if you do turn on the lights, it’s still easy for them to be turned off mid-edit, leaving you in the dark. This is why it’s best to avoid editing your photos in a dark room. Wait until you get back to your hotel or home to continue your work. Remember: the more you know, the better you’ll be in controlling all the variables in a photo shoot.

Learn From Other People’s Mistakes

One of the best things about the internet is that it’s always there for you when you need it. It’s easy enough to search for how to do something and find tutorials and examples that can help you along the way. Even when you think you know exactly what you’re doing, other people’s experiences can still help you improve. This is one of the reasons why we love photography—there’s always someone who can do it better than you. While it can be very tempting to just googled “how to take a good picture” and try to follow the instructions that came up, it’s important to remember that no two experiences are alike, even if the results look alike.

It’s always good practice to learn from the best. For photographers, the best usually means someone with a lot of experience who’s willing to help and share their knowledge. There are many different kinds of cameras and photo booths around these days, all with their perks and quirks. Before you start shooting, take some time to learn about all the different kinds of shots you can get with different cameras and which one is best suited to your needs. As a beginner, this can be overwhelming, but taking time to familiarize yourself with all the different possibilities can open up a whole new world of creative opportunities.