InMotion Hosting Launch Plan: How Much is $99.95 per Month?

It’s no secret that people are flocking to web hosts to build their websites/blogs. The number of new users signing up for web hosting each month is increasing, as is the amount of content being uploaded to the sites. It’s common to see websites that are close to expiring because they’ve been around for too long without updating their graphics or copy. While many small-business owners are using web hosts in a semi-personal capacity, companies like Bluehost, WP Engine, and HostGator were designed with web hosting for commercial use in mind. That being said, not all web hosts are created equal, and not all offer the same features. Some provide more security than others, some offer better U.S. servers, and some have a more minimalist design and are cheaper.

If you are curious as to what the best and most cost-effective web host is, keep reading.

Why InMotion Hosting?

Unlike many of the other hosts we’ve covered, InMotion Hosting is committed to providing a completely free version of their products. InMotion Hosting was also one of the first hosts to offer special pricing for new users. For a limited time, new customers can get a free domain and $1.95/mo hosted website when they purchase a 12-month plan. While this may not seem like a significant discount, it’s worth pointing out that InMotion Hosting is currently offering this special offer for new users.

One of the main reasons for our preference of InMotion Hosting is their money-back guarantee. If you’re dissatisfied with their service in any way, you can get a full refund during the first month. This is in contrast to most other hosts, which include monthly fees in their price tag, usually without any type of refund.

How Much Does It Cost To Host A Website With InMotion Hosting?

One of the best things about InMotion Hosting is that they have provided some very useful tools that make it easy to find the exact price before you make a purchase. First of all, you can use their website to search for the price of different plans specifically for your chosen hosting package. Alternatively, you can click here and you’ll be taken to a landing page where you can see a live example of how much each of their plans costs.

As mentioned above, InMotion Hosting is a primarily a commercial-grade host with reasonable prices for small businesses who want to test the waters of the web hosting market. Their most basic plan, which is the cheapest one offered, costs $5.45/mo. InMotion Hosting’s cheapest plan, which is ideal for those who don’t want to spend much money but don’t want to sacrifice on features, costs $6.95/mo. If you have a basic website and you don’t need to upload too much content, this is the perfect choice for you.

Another important feature to point out about InMotion Hosting is that they provide a free SSL certificate with all their plans. This is very useful for securing your website because all modern browsers will display a lock icon next to your website’s URL in their browser. When a visitor clicks on this icon, they will be redirected to your website’s SSL page. This means that even if someone were to intercept your website’s unencrypted HTTP connection, they would still be unable to read your visitors’ communications.

Is There Any Additional Fees At All?

As we mentioned above, InMotion Hosting is a trusted brand with a 25-year track record and $24.95 per month is not an unusual amount to pay for reliable hosting. One of the things that make InMotion Hosting stand out is their commitment to keeping costs low while still providing a high-quality product.

You might be wondering about the setup fees you’ll have to pay if you contact them to set up your account. These are relatively low and we would classify them as marketing fees; InMotion Hosting covers the cost of setting up your account and providing you with your free domain. Their setup fee is $1.95.

Features Overview

InMotion Hosting provides a full feature set for $6.95 per month and up. Their shared hosting plans come with 1GB of storage, 1 processor, and 10GB of bandwidth. All these features are more than sufficient for basic website needs and even some small-scale blogging.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated solution, their managed VPS hosting plan comes with all the above and also offers a free domain and free backups via email. For those who need even more features, they also offer an unmetered dedicated server that is perfect for any type of commercial use. This is a good solution for those who want to avoid the hassles of managing their own server.

One of the nice things about InMotion Hosting is they provide a free support package with their product. This means you won’t have to worry about getting stuck with a bill for customer support because they’ll handle all the billing and communication with the engineers for you.

Where Can I Buy InMotion Hosting?

If you’re interested in purchasing InMotion Hosting, you’ll have to visit their website. However, this is a secure and trusted source and, as mentioned above, you’ll have to spend at least $6.95 to $7.45 per month to buy it. Once you make the purchase, you’ll have to go through a few more steps to get your software and activate your account.

In the end, buying InMotion Hosting is not a difficult process. However, if you’re looking for additional reassurance that you’re making the right decision and that the host is legitimate, we would recommend verifying their registration information by contacting the Better Business Bureau first.