InMotion Hosting’s Shared SSL WordPress Plugin – InMotion Shared SSL

Looking for a simple and reliable way to offer secure hosting for your WordPress site? InMotion Hosting’s Shared SSL plugin provides just that. With just a few clicks of the mouse, you can activate the shared SSL capability on your WordPress website — allowing you and your visitors to feel confident that their personal and financial information is secure while they are on your site.

Why Should You Switch To Using A Shared SSL Certificate?

Even if you’re using a WordPress managed hosting service, you can still install a free SSL certificate on your site. However, if you’re looking for a more convenient way to manage your certificates, then you should certainly try out the Shared SSL option. With just one click of the mouse, you can install the certificate on your WordPress site, and all your other managed hosting accounts.

Why should you install a shared SSL certificate on your WordPress site? Let’s explore some of the benefits that this option brings:

Increased Visitor Confidence And Trust

When your site is served over HTTPS, the address bar of your visitors’ browsers will change from the standard http:// to the more secure and trusted https:// — instilling confidence that their personal information won’t be eavesdropped upon while they’re on your site. Moreover, many website analytics services can be configured to track secure vs. non-secure visits — further illustrating the importance of using a shared SSL certificate to improve the confidence of your website visitors.

Increased SEO

Search engine optimization is all the rage these days, and it’s easy to see why. After all, if Google can’t readily find your website when someone is searching for your product or service, then it can certainly deter potential customers from visiting your site. Moreover, installing a shared SSL certificate on your site can significantly boost your SEO, especially if you’re using InMotion Hosting to host your WordPress site. The Google Search Engine Optimization team has publicly stated that they heavily favor websites that are served over HTTPS due to the fact that encrypted connections make the search engine’s crawlers’ job easier — meaning your site will likely see an increase in traffic as a result of being served over HTTPS.

Increased Security For Browsers, Phones, And Tablets

Whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet, your website visitors will always have to deal with the fact that they’re on a computer network that’s not entirely secure. After all, we all use the same ubiquitous Google to navigate the web, which means that anyone who’s remotely connected to the internet can easily access and tamper with your website’s data. However, if you install a shared SSL certificate on your site, then your visitors will benefit from the fact that your site is more securely encrypted — protecting their personal information from being intercepted while they’re on your site. This provides increased security not just for your website visitors, but for their devices as well — preventing any malicious actors from snooping on their internet activity due to your site’s unprotected connectivity.

Increased Privacy For Your Website Visitors

Whether you’re running a business or are just looking for an online space to keep your thoughts and work, installing a shared SSL certificate on your site will significantly enhance your visitors’ privacy. After all, what’s more private than your own thoughts? InMotion Hosting takes privacy seriously, and they’ve created ways for you as a customer to control what data is collected and stored about your site — providing you with the ability to decide who can access your personal information, and for how long. InMotion also offers the 1-click delete feature, which enables you to remove all the data they’ve collected about you — without having to contact them directly.

Simple To Setup

One of the biggest plusses of using a shared SSL certificate is that it’s very simple to setup. After you’ve ordered the certificate, they’ll email you with a link to click to setup the certificate on your site. Then, you can click a few more times to confirm that you want to enable it on all your accounts.

To ensure that you get the most out of your shared SSL certificate, make sure to setup the WordPress HTTP to HTTPS redirect properly. This can be done by going to your WordPress dashboard, navigating to Settings > Reading, and ensuring that the “HTTP to HTTPS redirect” drop-down menu is set to “Enable HTTP to HTTPS redirect.” Moreover, you should ensure that your site’s URL and Home page are pointing to the correct place, as these are what the search engines will be picking up on.

Improved Branding

If you’re using a product or service named after your company, then you should certainly consider investing in a shared SSL certificate. After all, having a secure site that’s dedicated to your company’s products will give you the opportunity to show off your brand to visitors — convincing them that you’re the go-to source for your products. Moreover, visitors who find your site secure and trustworthy are more likely to become brand loyalists — promoting your products and services to their friends and family.

Reduced Costs

One of the biggest reasons why people avoid secure hosting is the fact that it’s more expensive. However, that is certainly no longer the case thanks to the shared SSL certificate. The fact that you can use the same certificate on multiple sites means that you’re not being charged again and again for the privilege of using a secure connection. Moreover, InMotion Hosting will include a free dedicated IP with your certificate order — further reducing your costs.

InMotion Hosting is a popular choice among webmasters because of their incredible feature set and rock-solid service. If you’re looking to install a free SSL certificate on your WordPress site, then you should certainly consider their shared host option since it brings together all the benefits mentioned above.