How to Install WordPress on a Synology NAS

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms due to its simplicity and flexibility. It can be used to create both traditional and unique content that is fully responsive, which means it can be used to create content for any device or screen size.

Many businesses use WordPress as their official blogging platform due to its popularity and versatility. But why would you want to host your blog on a NAS? Let’s explore…

Faster Speed

One of the things that make WordPress so popular is its flexibility and its ability to be updated easily. It is one of the most popular platforms because it enables anyone with a basic knowledge of website building to easily create a functional blog, even if they don’t have previous experience in doing so. This enables anyone to become a digital publisher. This is also why so many businesses choose to use WordPress – it enables them to easily get up and running with a blog with very little effort.

WordPress is open source, which also makes it more flexible and easier to update, as well as gives you the opportunity to customize it to your needs. This is why most individuals choose to use WordPress in a personal capacity. However, in terms of speed, you won’t get any better than a hosted WordPress solution.

Saving Money

Another reason why businesses use WordPress is to save money, as it’s extremely affordable to host a WordPress blog. This is mainly due to the fact that WordPress has a decent amount of built-in functionality, such as the popular Post Thumbnails, which makes publishing content easier and less time-consuming.

WordPress also offers a range of premium themes and plugins that you can use to further enhance your blog’s appearance. These can also be acquired for less than $100, which makes them affordable. Even some of the basic themes are less than $20, so you’ll spend a small fortune on fonts and graphics if you choose to DIY your blog’s design.


Eco-friendliness is another important consideration when selecting a blogging platform. If you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint, you can opt for a green hosting provider, which also means they will be using renewable energy to power their data centers. This is important to consider if you want to reduce your carbon footprint.

In terms of WordPress hosting, there are also a number of green providers that host their services on renewable energy, which means your personal data will not contribute to climate change. This also means they will be investing in alternative energy sources, which will benefit the environment.


Your blogging platform should also be flexible enough to accommodate your future needs. If you’re looking to grow your blog to incorporate video or live chat, for example, you’ll want to consider a more flexible solution. This brings us to our next point.


Flexibility is again important in selecting a blogging platform. If you want your blog to continue to grow with you, you’ll want to consider one that can be expanded easily. This is important if you’re looking to create a space that can continue to evolve with you, rather than choosing a solution that will limit your options.

In terms of WordPress hosting, there are a few solutions that offer extensive flexibility. For example, HostGator provides a WordPress staging area that can be accessed from within your dashboard. This allows you to preview changes before making them live on your blog. They also provide a Git installation, which enables you to keep track of all your blog content’s history, as well as the ability to revert back to a previous version of your blog, if needed. These are all important features that enable you to retain full control over your blog, even if you’re not tech-savvy.


Your blogging platform should also be secure, especially if you’re looking to share any personal or sensitive information online. If you’re wary of cybercrime, you can choose a hosting provider that offers enhanced security features, such as 2-factor authentication, which requires you to add a security code upon login. This prevents unauthorized users from tampering with your blog’s content. It also enables you to monitor login activity, as well as block IP addresses that are trying to attack your blog. This is just a few of the security features that you can get with a reliable WordPress hosting provider.

Responsive Design

Your blogging platform should also be compatible with all devices, including tablets and mobile phones. This enables anyone to access your content, regardless of what device they are using. WordPress is extremely mobile-friendly, and if you opt for one of its premium hosting packages, you can rest assured your blog will be accessible from a variety of devices. It also provides excellent mobile-friendly themes that can be used to create a fully functional blog from the palm of your hand.

WordPress is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a simple, yet functional blogging platform. If you’re looking to host your blog on a NAS, then you can’t go wrong with WordPress. It’s open source, which means you have full access to its code, and it’s also extremely affordable.