How to Integrate Square Payment into WordPress

If you sell and ship products online, you’ve probably heard of Square. The company makes commerce easier for businesses of all sizes by providing customers with a safe and secure way to make online payments.

Whether you’re a small business owner, an online marketer, or someone who just enjoys shopping online, Square is a platform you should know about. Here’s how to incorporate Square payment into your WordPress powered website.

What is Square?

Square is a mobile and cloud-based point of sale system that allows businesses of all sizes to accept payments. The system is easy to use and doesn’t require tech experts to set it up.

Square is most popular for its credit card processing technology, which allows businesses to accept payments via all major credit cards with the touch of a button.


One of the things that make Square special is that it incorporates all the features businesses need, but don’t want to overload themselves with. For example, if you sell clothing online, you don’t want to store the credit card details of your customers in your own database. That’s a lot of personal information that you can’t protect if your hard drive crashes.

Square has a solution for that: its 2-Step Verification feature. When customers choose that option, they have to login with a text-based password as well as their usual email password. This provides an extra layer of security and also allows you to have customers register for accounts on your site even if you don’t have an online store yet.

How To Set Up Square

In order to use Square, you’ll need to go through a relatively simple setup process. You can use Square’s website or the iOS or Android apps to get started. Once you’ve set up an account, you can start adding products and handling payments.

To use Square on your WordPress site, you’ll need to install the Square payment plugin. Once that’s done, you can accept payments via credit card or PayPal (for businesses that qualify).

As mentioned, in order to set up Square, you’ll need to have an account first. You can use your existing PayPal account or a credit card to make a small purchase from Square. Once that’s done, you’ll be able to add more items to your cart and pay with Square.

Where Can I Use Square?

Square is available for businesses in all stages of development, from solo entrepreneurs to large corporations. You can use the platform to accept payments from anywhere in the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

It’s important to mention that while Square is incredibly convenient for online shoppers, it’s not just for online merchants. In fact, the main target audience for Square is individuals and small businesses that lack the resources necessary to effectively process credit cards via traditional methods.

How Does Square Work?

As mentioned, Square is a mobile and cloud-based solution that connects businesses with customers and online marketplaces. Here’s how it works:

1. Individual shoppers visit your website or mobile app and browse your products. Once they’ve found something they like, they make a purchase.

2. When a customer makes a purchase, they’re taken to a screen that prompts them to enter their credit card information. At this point, they can also specify whether they want to use a Paypal or a credit card to pay.

3. After the customer has entered their payment information, they’re returned to the website or app where they can continue shopping. At some point, a ship notification is sent to the customer’s email address.

4. When the product ships, the company ships it to the customer. Now, you might be thinking that this is a pretty easy process, and you would be right. But, as you can imagine, this system was designed with security and efficiency in mind. Every aspect of the process, from the customer’s side to the business’ side, is streamlined and hassle-free.

Is Square Anonymous?

Square isn’t exactly anonymous, but it does keep most of the sensitive information on separate servers. This means that while your credit card information is saved, it doesn’t stay in one place. Moreover, all the personal information that Square collects is protected by high-security protocols. This means that while the company can identify you based on your IP address, it can’t identify your specific customer information.

How Do I Manage My Square Account?

Once you’ve setup your Square account, you’ll have a dashboard that shows you all the information you need to keep track of. You can access this dashboard via the website or the iOS or Android apps.

As a business owner, you can view your past transactions and make changes to them as needed. You can also add, edit, and delete customer accounts as needed. Finally, you can set up notifications so that you’re always kept up-to-date on the status of each transaction.

What If I Don’t Want To Use Square?

That’s a legitimate question and one that you might have to ask yourself. Square offers a lot of convenience for online shoppers, and while that might be enough for some businesses, you might want to pursue other avenues as well. For example, you could try and develop your own credit card processing system or you could use a payment processor that doesn’t require a plug-in to work.