Ireland Managed WordPress Hosting: Why it’s the Best Hosting Option for Businesses

WordPress is the most popular content management system among webmasters and bloggers worldwide. It can easily be used to build websites, blogs, and online stores. The reason behind its popularity is that it’s extremely easy to use and it offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to styling the websites and blogs you build using it. What’s more is that you don’t necessarily need to be a coder to use it, which made it even more attractive to non-technical persons who want to take up web design as a hobby or as a side business.


One of the major draws of using WordPress for hosting is its features. The platform offers countless tools and plugins that you can use to enhance the functionality of your website or blog. Some of these tools are really useful and will speed up your work while others might simply be a gimmick. It’s always good to have a look at the WordPress website to get an idea of what capabilities the platform offers, whether you’re planning on using them or not.

Cost Effective

Another significant advantage of using WordPress as opposed to hiring a web developer to set up a custom platform is cost effectiveness. Setting up a custom-built platform such as Magento, Drupal, or Joomla requires significant investment in terms of time and money, not to mention the fact that you’ll need to hire people with the necessary skills to implement your project. What’s more is that, even after you’ve spent all that money and time, you’ll likely still need to pay for outside services such as web design, hosting, and domain registration.

Hosting your WordPress site on a managed WordPress platform, such as 1&1, WIX, or Bluehost, will save you both time and money. Managed WordPress hosting is easily scalable, which means that your website can be expanded to provide more storage and functionality as your audience grows. What’s more is that these companies usually offer free backups and security updates as part of their hosting plans, ensuring that your website is always available and secure.

Custom Support

Another major advantage of using WordPress for hosting is custom support. As the name suggests, custom support implies that you’ll be able to reach a person by phone or email should you need to have a quick question answered regarding WordPress or the features it provides. You’ll typically be able to find a tech support representative with the necessary expertise to answer your questions through the WordPress community forums or through one of the many online tutorial videos available on YouTube.

When it comes to technical support, you’ll often find that the cheaper the service the more limited it tends to be. One of the major differences between premium hosting providers and managed WordPress hosts is that the former will provide faster, more convenient support should you experience any issues with your website. You might end up having to wait a couple of days before speaking to a human being, given that some tech support services are manned by less than five employees who are often overworked.


One of the most significant advantages of using WordPress for hosting is its user-friendliness. The platform was designed to be extremely easy to use even for non-techies, which makes it perfect for people who want to take up web design as a hobby or as a side business and don’t have the necessary coding skills. WordPress also makes it easier for search engine optimization (SEO) specialists to perform thorough site audits and implement the necessary changes to improve the ranking of your site in organic search results.

What’s more is that you don’t necessarily need a WordPress website to have a successful blog or website. You can use static pages, which are simply web pages that don’t contain any content other than what you put in them, to get started. This is especially useful if you want to create a simple website to promote an event or showcase a business or brand. There’s also the option to build a fully functional WordPress site and host it yourself, using a hosting service that provides the proper tools and facilities to do so. However, if you do choose to go down this road it’s important to remember that you’ll need to learn a lot and set up your own backups and security measures, as well as monitor and maintain your WordPress site on your own.

In summary, when it comes to choosing a web host for your WordPress site, the main factor to consider is cost effectiveness and your personal preferences. However, if you do decide that managed WordPress hosting is the right choice for your site, it’s important to note that you’ll need to do some research to find the best deal and decide which hosting company to work with, as there are a number of options out there.