Login to Any WordPress Website in 2 Easy Steps

If you have a WordPress account, then you have the perfect platform to establish yourself as an expert in your industry. No other CMS comes even close to generating as much content as WordPress does, which makes it the perfect fit for any industry. Now, you might be thinking, “Alright, so I have this perfect platform, but how do I actually log in?” We’re glad you asked.

The Perfect Username

Before you begin your WordPress experience, you need to choose the perfect username. To ensure that you do not create a new identity that will confuse you with other users, make sure that the username is not already in use on another blog or website. You can also ask one of your friends to help you find the perfect username. When you are choosing a username, you also need to watch out for any spelling errors as well as the presence of any vulgar language or images.

A Secure Password

Now, you need to chose a secure password. The WordPress team recommends using a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and special characters to produce a strong password. Additionally, you should change your password frequently and store it in a safe place. If you forget your password, then you can easily recover it through the login page of WordPress.

Set Up Your WordPress Account

Once you have your username and secure password ready, you can finally set up your WordPress account by clicking the “Log In” button at the top of the login page.

When you click the “Log In” button, you will be presented with the login page of WordPress. On this page, you will need to enter your username and password to log in. If you are using a free account, then you will need to check the box to verify that you are a human. Otherwise, the login page will timeout and ask you to try again.

Log In To Your WordPress Account

Once you have entered your username and password, you will be taken to your WordPress dashboard. From here, you can click the “Forgot Password” link to reset your password, or you can click the “Login” link to continue to your dashboard.

If you are trying to log in for the first time and you have not yet created a user with the same username as the email associated with your account, then you will need to create a new user named after your email. Once you have created this user, then you can log in with that username and password instead of your original email and password.

That’s All There Is To It!

For those of you who have followed this tutorial successfully, then congratulations! You now have a working knowledge of how to log in to any WordPress website. Furthermore, you know how to protect your account credentials and how to create a strong password. If this was certainly not the case, then perhaps this tutorial was not meant for you.