Best WordPress Music Websites Template

The line between entertainment and commerce is blurring, and businesses that serve both markets are the winners in this new digital world. As a business owner, you need to decide what your purpose is – are you creating a resource for music lovers, or are you profiting from your content? There are many successful business models ranging from full-fledged record labels to YouTube stars to hybrid companies building both worlds.

The evolution to digital music distribution and streaming has enabled musicians to reach more people than ever before, but the transition has been difficult. Musicians need to find a new way to make money if they want to continue creating quality content, and many are looking to WordPress for help.

Here are some of the best WordPress music websites themes that you can purchase and use to launch your own successful music website. 

WooCommerce, The King of The Web Commerce Platforms

WordPress is a flexible, open source blogging platform, designed for users to self-publish content on a variety of topics. While it was once used primarily for blogging, the platform today is just as suitable for online stores of all sizes, from small online boutiques to large online retailers.

One of the great things about WordPress is that it offers a large variety of add-on and plugin packages that you can utilize to grow and enhance your site. One of the most popular and robust eCommerce tools built on top of WordPress is WooCommerce, which provides everything needed to set up a digital store, including online ordering, inventory management, and more.

WooCommerce is incredibly flexible, and the marketplace currently hosts a variety of online stores, all using this one software platform. If you’re looking to create a similar business structure, with online ordering and store administration, then WooCommerce is a viable option. As a developer, you can create plugins to enhance the functionality of the platform even further.

Shopify, The Platform For Small Businesses

If you’re looking to create a small eCommerce store to sell your own designs or products, then Shopify is the perfect solution. They provide all the functionality you need in a simple to use interface, with an emphasis on security and scaling.

Shopify was initially designed for online marketplaces, such as Amazon, but the platform can be used just as easily for blogs and websites aimed at a general audience. One of the unique selling points of Shopify is that they provide a dedicated revenue share program, which enables developers to earn affiliate revenue from the stores they create on the platform.

Big Commerce, The One-Stop-Shop For Big Business

If your business is large enough to need an entire platform to operate, the appropriately named Big Commerce is the platform for you. Boasting a large number of add-ons and plugins, Big Commerce provides all the tools you need, from online stores to eCommerce solutions, to CRM and ERP systems.

Big Commerce is an all-in-one solution for businesses, offering a variety of plans, from the basic Start Up package, with one website and up to 3 online stores, to the Professional plan, with five sites and unlimited products per store.

Magento, The King Of Open Source ECommerce Solutions

If you’re looking for a completely free, open source option, with the source code available for anyone to review, then consider Magento. This popular option provides everything needed for a complete eCommerce store, including online ordering, product customization, security, and more.

While other platforms provide various levels of functionality, from free to paid, with additional features, the price is often associated with that functionality. With Magento, all the source code is laid out there, and you can download and install the software to get started.

This platform is perfect for startups and individuals wanting to create a store due to the variety of add-ons available, along with the vast community of users who can help you get up and running quickly and easily.

X-Commerce, The Hybrid Solution

One of the great things about modern technology is the ability to innovate, and online marketplaces, like Shopify, have led the way in creating hybrid solutions, which are a combination of the above, ranging from open source to commercial platforms. X-Commerce provides functionality similar to Shopify, with the ability to build and manage stores for individuals or businesses.

The above platforms have transformed the music industry, enabling smaller bands to thrive and grow, while bigger companies have benefited greatly from the increased efficiency enabled by these innovative solutions.

The above solutions are the cream of the crop when it comes to WordPress eCommerce solutions, but it’s worth noting that there are multiple options available, from simple free blogs to fully functioning stores, depending on your needs and budget.