How to Choose a Free WordPress Theme for Your Blog?

If you are looking for a free and clean WordPress theme with which to build your own blog then check out Artyom!

This theme is actually a combination between a Blogger and a WordPress theme with which you can build absolutely any blog you could want. It is highly configurable and contains many cool features which will make your blogging experience enjoyable and easy!

Many people prefer to use free themes to build their blog as they don’t want to pay for any services. These people are usually comfortable using tools like Google Adsense which are integrated with most of the free themes. So, if you are looking to start a blog for free then Artyom is the perfect choice!


There are many reasons why you may want to use Artyom to build your blog. Some of these reasons are:

  • Search engine friendly URL’s
  • Multiple theme options
  • Fully responsive design
  • Custom post formats
  • Revolution slider plugin
  • Contact form with privacy protection feature
  • Built-in Twitter and Facebook updates
  • Sidebar with customizable widgets
  • Header and footer customization
  • Valid HTML5 code
  • International versions available

The list of features above is just a small portion of the greatness that this theme offers! To learn more about the theme, check out Artyom’s official website.

Getting Started:

Of course, before you start making any websites or blogs with this theme, you need to first make sure that you have WordPress installed on your website. If you don’t have a WordPress installation on your website then you can use the Artyom toolbox to install it quickly and easily. Here is a guide to help you along the way.


If you head over to the Artyom toolbox you will see a variety of tools all aimed at making the process of building a blog with this theme easier. Use these tools to customize your blog header, create attractive watermarks for your posts, etc.

Supported Browsers:

The team at Artyom prides itself on making sure that their themes work well on all major browsers so if you try their theme on a supported browser (like Chrome, Safari, or Firefox) and it looks good to you then you can rest assured that it will look good on everyone’s device. They actually have a special tool which will validate the code for you (to make sure that you didn’t accidentally use an outdated browser to view the site).

Additional Resources:

Besides the header and footer tools which we discussed above, the toolbox at Artyom also comes with a full-fledged CSS editor, a live preview, and a hosting-related feature which will help you find the best possible deal for your blog. If you need help using the toolbox then check out their Getting Started guide or visit their Support forum for more information.

Free Vs Premium:

The great thing about Artyom is that it’s available as both a free and a premium version. The free version is fully functional, but you will not be able to install any themes from the demo or get any support from the community. The premium version, however, gives you access to all of Artyom’s premium themes along with the support forum and access to the developers themselves if you have any questions regarding theme setup or need some extra help. So, if you are looking for a free solution then you can check out Artyom but if you want to take advantage of all of its features then go for the premium version.

Compatible With Other Themes:

One of the things which makes Artyom so special is that it’s a fully functional, self-sufficient theme which means that you don’t need to worry about integrating it with other themes. This means that you can use it to build a blog immediately and then, if you decide that you want to switch to a different theme later on, it will be super easy to do so. Just delete the header, footer, and navbar which you don’t need and replace it with the code for the theme you want to use.


Another great thing about Artyom is that it is extremely lightweight and doesn’t take up a ton of web space when uploaded to a server. This is a big factor when choosing a theme as many people these days are trying to limit the amount of space which their websites and blogs use up simply because they don’t have much room left on their servers. So, if you’re looking for a solution which won’t eat up tons of web space then Artyom is a perfect choice.

A Great Blogging Platform:

One of the things which makes Artyom so special is that it’s great platform for blogging. It has all of the basic features which you would expect from a blogging platform (like multiple blog support, a discussion forum, etc) and then some. If you are looking for a solution which is both free and easy to use then Artyom is the perfect choice!

Also, not only is Artyom a great blogging platform, it’s also a great basis for an online shop. All of the tools which we discussed above can be used to create beautiful websites along with ecommerce features like Ajax shopping carts and REST API’s for custom orders. If you are looking for a solution which can be used for both blogging and an online shop then Artyom is the perfect choice!

In conclusion, if you are looking for a free solution then check out Artyom as it has all of the basic functionality needed for a blogging platform while being totally customizable and therefore, beautiful.