Play Radio Station on Website – WordPress Plugin

If you have a website and you want to play some music for your visitors, you have several options. You can play any type of song or audio file through a music player like Spotify or Apple Music, or you can download an entire playlist and play it directly from the webpage. However, if you are looking for a more interactive and engaging experience for your audience, you can use a tool like to create a play radio station on your website.

What is a Play Radio Station?

A play radio station is a feature on a website where users can listen to curated playlists of popular songs. When a user visits a website that has this feature, they will see an icon or button that will allow them to engage and listen to the music. When they click on this icon or button, a song will start playing and it will continue to play as long as the user remains on the site. To create a play radio station on your website, you will need to use a tool that can integrate with WordPress – and there are several options.

Which WordPress Plugin Should I Use?

There are several free and premium WordPress plugins that can help you create a play radio station on your site. Of these, the Freemius Plugin is one of the more popular ones, boasting more than 1.8 million active installs on the repository. This plugin, which is offered as a free download, offers a variety of features including autoplay, which begins playing the first track as soon as the user visits the website. Users can also choose to have the music play when they visit specific pages or elements of your site (for example, product listings, blog posts, etc.) If you choose this feature, every time a user visits a page with this feature, they will hear a different song. The autoplay feature is great for creating a more immersive experience for users and also encourages them to visit your site more often.

How Much Does It Cost To Create A Play Radio Station?

The cost of creating a play radio station on your website depends on several factors. First, you will need to decide how many songs you want to play. You can opt to play only a short clip of an artist or album, or you can play the entire song. The second factor that will affect the cost is how frequently you plan on having the music play. If you have chosen the autoplay feature, this will also determine how much the music costs per visitor. For example, if you have selected the free version of the plugin, each song will cost you nothing, as the music is freely available. However, if you have opted to have the music play only when a user visits a specific page or element of your site, this option will cost you per visit.

Why Do I Need To Pay To Create A Play Radio Station?

The Play Radio Station feature on your site will not only cost you nothing to create but it will also give you the opportunity to experiment and see what works best for your business. As a webmaster, you will always have the option of removing the feature if you feel like it does not serve your needs. However, this will not be the case if you have chosen to pay for the feature. When you opt to pay for this feature, you are investing in an asset that can grow with your business. Furthermore, you can always choose to upgrade to a premium version to get additional features and benefit from greater stability. 

Where Do I Upload My Music?

You do not need to have an internal music library to create a play radio station on your site. You can use streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music to pull music from their catalog of songs to play. Alternatively, you can choose to upload your own MP3s to be played. When selecting this option, you will need to make sure that the audio files are of a decent quality and also have proper stems (music notation) to ensure that they can be played correctly by the streaming services.

Do I Need To Set Up A Special Category For My Music?

As a site owner, you may want to set up a special category on your site for your music. If you do, you will need to make sure that the category is properly tagged with the proper descriptors so that it can be found by search engines. Also, you should assign the category to only music files and not to other types of content. For example, if you set up a special category for jazz music, you will not want to assign pop songs to the category. This will make it much more difficult for users to find exactly what they are looking for when searching for music on your site.

How Do I Play My Music?

You can either choose to play the music in-browser via a music player like Spotify or Apple Music, or you can download the tracks to your computer and play them using a media player like Windows Media Player or Apple’s own macOS Media Player. If you opt to download the music, you can then use a tool like SoundCloud to preview the tracks before committing to download. If you decide to integrate with Spotify or Apple Music, you will need to make sure that their APIs are enabled on your site and that you have the rights to use their music in the manner you see fit. The cost for this is minimal and it can be completely free as long as you have a WordPress account.

How Do I Publish My Work?

Once you have created a play radio station on your site, you can either leave it as is or you can begin to experiment with elements including descriptions of the music and choosing a cover art to represent your work. There is also the option to let users rate songs or comment on them. You can integrate this feature with various social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook to allow users to easily share or connect with your work.