What Plugins Work with WordPress – The Ultimate Guide for More Plugins


WordPress is the most popular open-source platform which provides a lot of great features to websites. Being a popular platform, it is quite easy to find plugins (or ‘Add-ons’) for it. These plugins can be added to the WordPress website in order to enhance its function. This article will tell you which plugins work well with WordPress and which ones you should avoid.

Best Plugins For WordPress

There are two ways to find the best WordPress plugins, one is to look for the most popular plugins on WordPress.org, the other is to use a third-party app called WordPress Plugins to find the best plugins for your needs.

WordPress.org is the central repository for all plugins which are supported by WordPress itself. Popular plugins on WordPress.org will work with other versions of WordPress but may not work with specific versions which are now outdated. As a user of WordPress, this is usually the case when you encounter an issue with a plugin not working on a particular version of WordPress.

WordPress Plugins is an app which provides access to a large number of plugins which can be downloaded directly to your smartphone. Using this app is quite easy, just enter the name of the plugin you are looking for in the search bar and click on the green button which says “Show Results”. From there, you can simply select the plugin you want from the list which is displayed.

Let’s take a look at each type of plugin in detail, along with some information regarding their usefulness so you can figure out which ones to install on your WordPress site and which ones to avoid.

Javascript Plugins

Javascript plugins are quite easy to use and enable much of the functionality of a WordPress site. These plugins usually do one thing and one thing only, most commonly enhancing the format of the text on the site (such as enabling bold or italic face). Some of the more useful Javascript plugins for WordPress are: