Private Video Hosting with WordPress Made Easy

WordPress has grown to be the biggest and arguably the most popular blogging platform in existence, gaining a big audience among bloggers and journalists who rely on it for content. While WordPress is a fantastic platform for creating and publishing content, many companies and blog owners have been struggling with the fact that WordPress’ free version limits you to 1GB of storage space and limits the amount of simultaneous CPU usage to a single core. If you need more space or need more power to process your heavy traffic, you have to pay for upgrades.

This is where Viva Labs and WP VIP come in. Viva Labs is a premium service that provides a free domain, free hosting and free SSL for you to use with your WordPress site. What this means is that as a consumer, you don’t have to worry about paying for domain hosting or SSL because Viva Labs will take care of that for you. The premium service also provides you with 4GB of storage space, which is enough for most blog posts. What this means is that as a blogger, you can focus on what’s important to you: creating engaging content and growing your audience.

Why Should You Host Your Videos On

Firstly, let’s address the elephant in the room: WordPress is a terrifically versatile platform that can be used for just about anything. It’s incredibly customizable, and you can find a plugin to suit almost any need or desire. For our purposes, let’s focus on video hosting. You see, WordPress is a fantastic platform for video hosting because it has a built-in video player that can be used for viewing videos on your site. Moreover, many reputable host providers offer video hosting as a bonus, so if you decide to move forward with this, you’re going to be supporting a good cause.

Secondly, WordPress is already set up to accept and process video files correctly, so you don’t have to worry about learning a new set of complicated HTML codes to integrate video into your site. Thirdly, WordPress has a huge, vibrant community that is always willing to help, particularly when it comes to technology and web hosting. Lastly, let’s not forget about the fact that most web host providers offer a money-back guarantee if you meet the right conditions. This means you can test drive the service with no risk of losing your investment.

How Does Viva Labs Work?

So, let’s get technical: Viva Labs is a web hosting service that places a strong emphasis on customizing your experience and provides you with a powerful toolbox to make your site more robust. What does this mean for you as a blogger or tech-savvy business owner? It means that Viva Labs provides you with a safe and secure place to store and host all of your content, including videos. Moreover, they’re committed to ensuring that all of your web hosting needs are met, so they’ll walk you through the setup process step-by-step and ensure you get the most from your investment.

Is WordPress The Only Game In Town When It Comes To Blogging?

Nope. While WordPress is a fantastic platform for blogging, it’s certainly not the only game in town. If you’ve got a specific need or desire for your site, you can always look into different solutions. You see, WordPress is a *content management system*, which is basically a tool that helps you to keep track of and organize your content, whether it’s text, audio or video. What this means is that you don’t have to use WordPress to write your blog posts. In fact, you can use whatever text editor you want for the task. Moreover, the same goes for your audio and video files. You don’t have to use WordPress to upload and publish your content. You can use any tool or service you desire to take care of that task.

In conclusion, WordPress is the ultimate content management system for blogging. It’s incredibly popular, incredibly customizable and has a built-in video player that will no doubt make your videos stand out. Moreover, it has a lot of supporting community, so if you’ve got any questions, there will always be someone to help. For more information, visit