How to Choose the Best Managed WordPress Hosting Service

When launching a new website, the first decision you need to make is which web host to go for. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time there!

You want to pick a web host that is reliable, has a good reputation, and is able to support the platform you wish to use. In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best managed WordPress hosting service for your needs.

The Main Differences Between The Two Main Types Of Web Hosting

There are two main types of web hosting:

1. Shared hosting

2. VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting

Shared hosting is exactly what it says on the tin. Multiple users can share the resources (hard drive, CPU, etc.) of a single web host with each user having his/her own domain. When one user visits another user’s site, the resources are shared. For example, if user Jane Doe has and visits user Robin Hood’s page, then Jane’s resources are used to serve Robin Hood’s content.

VPS hosting is slightly different as it offers more flexibility in terms of resource usage compared to shared hosting. With VPS hosting, the customer has more control over the resources of a single web host. For example, the customer can specify how much memory and storage they want for their website and how much resources they want to allocate to their application (like WordPress). The hosting company only provides the web host and the software (like WordPress). Thus, VPS hosting is often considered to be the best of the two main types of hosting.

To learn more, check out this detailed guide on the differences between shared hosting and VPS hosting.

The Two Main Factors To Consider When Choosing A Managed WordPress Hosting Service

When choosing a managed WordPress hosting service, you need to set two factors to consider – price and features. In general, cheaper is always better when it comes to web hosting and you can usually get a decent deal if you are willing to shop around. However, features matter too. We all like saving money, but without quality features, the cheaper the service the more you are likely to suffer. That’s just common sense. It’s always better to spend a bit more money on a good quality service that is able to provide the features you are looking for. In this section, we will discuss the factors that you should consider when choosing a managed WordPress hosting service.