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Before you hire us to provide you with WP Support services and other services as listed on the website www.wpquickassist.com, it’s recommended to walk through this Terms of Service page. If you continue to use/subscribe to/or download from our website, it will be considered as your automatic consent to these Terms of Service.

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The usage of “we”, “our”, and “us” on the pages of this website refer to WP Quick Assist owning this website.

Use of the Website

We do not charge users any money to access our website unless you buy a service or product that costs money. Your access to www.wpquickassist.com, however, can be restricted, suspended, or terminated anytime by us as a response to fraudulent or prospective fraudulent activity on your part.

The way you use the website service is entirely your responsibility and WP Quick Assist is not responsible for the way you use the information provided by us on this website.

Furthermore, please make sure you buy or use the service provided by us that satisfies your needs to the fullest. The choice of the services (from our list of services) is completely yours.

Links to Other Websites

WP Quick Assist does not represent or market other websites or links which you are directed to through our website and/or which direct you to our website. Hence, we cannot be held responsible for the privacy policies of these websites and links. It’s recommended to read the Privacy Policy of these websites before using or buying their services or products.

Advertising and Sponsorship

WP Quick Assist cannot be held responsible for the incorrectness, inaccuracy, or inappropriateness of the advertising or sponsorship content on this website. In case of any conflict or doubt, the complete responsibility of this type of material will be of the author or owner of the material.

Intellectual Property

The images, logos, graphics, text, and other content published on this website (apart for the advertising material from third-party services or the services/products from third-party providers that are used for partnership purposes) are the intellectual property of WP Quick Assist and belong to the same. The rights of all this content and their arrangements and selection are owned by the company. No user is allowed or permitted to reproduce, modify, copy, distribute, transmit, post, or republish any type of material shown or published on this website, without our consent.

Similar to this, your intellectual property is also secure with us. Although we always try to and make sure that we do not copy or imitate your work without your consent, please let us know at contact@wpfix.com in case you feel that we have initiated any type of copyright infringement. We will take the required action in an instant.


We value the confidentiality of our (prospective and existing) clients, customers, suppliers, and partners. Therefore, WP Quick Assist never shares or reveals your record information of anyone associated with us, except if a regulatory or legal authority requires it. For more information, please read our Privacy Policy.

Disabling Devices

In case you want to post any of your content on this website, please make sure your material is completely virus-free and clean from any type of infection. We do not accept any such content for safety and security purposes. In case your material suffers or gets damaged due to its own contamination, we will not be held responsible for it.


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