How to Make Ticket Sales for Your WordPress Website

WordPress is a blogging platform that is free and open-source. It’s a massive hit among bloggers everywhere because of its ease of use and huge community of support. If you have a WordPress website, then you can use it to create and sell tickets to your upcoming events.

WordPress makes it incredibly easy to set up a simple event website, and the platform’s popularity means there are plenty of templates and resources available to help you build the best possible site. If you’ve been thinking about trying your hand at selling tickets, but aren’t sure where to start, this article will help you along the way.

Ticket Sales for a Blogging Event

If you’re just looking to dip your toe into the world of ticket sales, then the best place to start is from the niche that motivates you. For example, if you’re passionate about travel, you might want to try and sell tickets to major international travel events like the World Tour of the Rolling Stones. Or if you love to eat, you might want to take a look at restaurant events or even food festivals if you can get a booth at one of them. 

Another great source of revenue for WordPress websites is annual subscription fees. If you run a sports blog, for example, you could offer fans the chance to subscribe to your blog and gain access to premium content including live matches and access to exclusive interviews. As a bonus, you’ll also gain access to statistics that can help you make better and more informed footballing decisions. Imagine the fanfare that such a deal could generate.

Ticket Sales for a Typical Event

If you’re looking to really get into the industry then it might be best to look at what’s popular at the moment. From an entertainment perspective, anime is huge right now, so if you can get hold of some tickets to an anime event, you could make a fortune. 

If you’re a music fan who regularly goes to concerts, then look to see which bands are doing well and try to get your hands on tickets for these events. It’s also a great idea to look at concerts that feature bands you don’t normally get the chance to see live, such as Mumford & Sons, or even a band like Bring Me the Horizon who are blowing up right now. 

There are plenty of lucrative opportunities out there, but you need to be prepared to put in the work. If you can get the word out that you’re looking to make a passive income stream, then chances are, you’ll be able to find enough interested parties to keep you busy.

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