Use WordPress to Build Your Website

WordPress is the world’s #1 content management system and the most popular choice with bloggers everywhere. With over 24 million active monthly users and a free, self-hosted alternative, it’s the perfect platform for website building.

In this article, you’ll discover how to use WordPress to launch and grow your own blog or website.

Why Should You Use WordPress?

While there are many excellent free blogging platforms out there, such as Blogger, WordPress offers a number of significant advantages.


When it comes to features, WordPress far outclasses its competitors. Not only does it offer some of the most innovative features in the industry, but it also keeps pace with the technology advances and updates that come along with each new version.

Built on the WordPress framework, Gutenberg, the publishing system in WordPress 5, offers a completely reimagined way to create and navigate content. With Gutenberg, creating a website or blog is as easy as writing and publishing a post.

Another great feature of WordPress is the abundance of add-ons, tools, and plugins that can be used to enhance and customize your experience. There are plenty of free ones available, or you can invest in a premium version to get advanced features.

Ease Of Use

If you’re looking for a blogging platform that’s easy to use, then WordPress is the clear choice. With its minimalist design and intuitive onboarding, setting up a blog on WordPress is a breeze.

Once you’ve got your blog up and running, maintaining it is simple as well. WordPress makes it easy to keep things up to date by offering automatic backups and restoring features that allow you to roll back changes and recover from catastrophic events such as server crashes or hacking attempts.

WordPress also embraces a content-first approach to delivering value. The platform learns from each post you make, and then surfaces the most relevant content for your target audience. This is in stark contrast to other platforms, which often require you to build your blog or website from the ground up.


Keeping your site or blog secure is of paramount importance, especially if you’re sharing personal information about yourself or your customers. When creating a WordPress blog or website, you have the option of choosing a free, self-hosted version or a premium version that’s hosted on The free option is great for those needing a basic blogging platform and don’t want to pay for hosting.

The premium version, on the other hand, offers a number of features that make creating a secure site or blog easier, including two-step verification, automatic updates, and a specialized security team.

Blogs & Websites From Scratch

WordPress makes it easy to build a blog or website from scratch. You don’t need any previous experience to get started. Simply choose a theme that you like, and start typing. When you’ve got your post ready, publish it and you’re done.

WordPress also has a built-in function called “WooCommerce” that makes it very easy to set up an online store. Simply pick a theme that you like, and within minutes, you’ll have an online store up and running. There’s no need to rent a storefront or have complicated setups like eBay.

WordPress is a fantastic all-around choice for those who want to create a blog or website. Its ease of use, security, and automatic updates make it a no-brainer for anyone needing a simple blogging platform.