Using WordPress to Make a Website Not a Blog

WordPress is one of the most popular websites building platforms, with over 20 million users as of February 2020.

However, many people use WordPress for simple blogs, not fully realizing the power of what they are building. A WordPress website can easily transform into a fully featured landing page, fully functional eCommerce store, or social media platform.

Why Use WordPress To Build a Business Website?

WordPress provides a massive number of features and customizations that make it extremely versatile and popular. Here are just a few reasons why businesses choose to use WordPress to develop their website.

Fully Featured

WordPress provides a wide array of features that can be utilized to create a fully featured business website. With a minimal amount of code, you can have a fully functioning and responsive eCommerce store, social media platform, or fully functional landing page.

If you have a store or blog related to fitness, food, or fashion, you can use the WordPress storefront functionality to create a fully featured online shop that you can manage from anywhere.

Fully featured WordPress websites open up a lot of opportunities for online stores and brands. With a growing number of customers searching for products and services online, having a fully featured website is a necessity.


Since its inception, WordPress has focused on being eco-friendly, and that continues today. Not only do they provide a way to easily publish content on your website (without having to worry about the server space crunch), they focus on using sustainable and green practices throughout their operation. When someone visits your website, they will not only see the content, but they will also be absorbing eco-friendly messages and encouraging actions.


WordPress was designed to be extremely cost-effective. Not only can you have a fully featured website for free, but you can also use a hosting service with WordPress and have access to hundreds of pre-made templates and thousands of apps and plugins.

Since WordPress was initially designed to be used as a blogging platform, they focused on keeping the installation and setup as simple as possible. This made them extremely popular, because even beginners can use and set up a blog in less than five minutes.

WordPress also makes it easy for beginners to set up a website without having to learn advanced coding techniques. Plus, you can customize your site with the help of their powerful backend, which gives you complete control over the appearance of your site.


WordPress gives you the freedom to create a website for free. You do not need to purchase a premium version to use all of the features. Even better, you can use their Lite version, which is entirely free. This means you can set up a blog or online store for free, and if you want, you can upgrade to a premium plan at any time.

WordPress also makes it easy to switch modes, from blog to product store, or social media platform. This means you can easily create and publish content in the form of blogs, articles, and videos, and then switch gears and have a fully featured product store or social media platform. The sky is the limit.

Search Engine Optimized

If you have a blog or website, you know how important it is to have good search engine optimization (SEO). Having a well-optimized website makes it easier for potential customers to find your product or service, and hopefully, make a purchase. Since having a well-optimized site is such an integral part of today’s digital marketing strategy, how can you miss?


The last point we will make on the topic of WordPress is about security. WordPress sites are among the most secure, due to the platform being built with strong encryption since day one. Not only is it extremely difficult to decrypt the content of a WordPress site, but it is also forbidden by law to try. Even more security, if you use a reputable web host.

Not only is WordPress a secure platform, but they also provide additional security through their multi-level security (MLS) system. This system helps protect you and your content from being accessed by unauthorized persons. If you use a reputable web host, you can rest assured that your site is secure.

Since WordPress began as a blogging platform, it has always been about being lightweight and minimalistic. Not only does this make it easy to set up and use, but it also makes it easier for beginners to get started. If you want to make a solid foundation for your business, consider using WordPress to build your website.