How to Create a Video Background for Your WordPress Website

People love to watch videos. Videos tell a story, they’re informative, and sometimes even entertaining. With the rise in popularity of TikTok, and other similar apps such as YouTube and Facebook videos, having a video background on your WordPress website will only help your blog stand out.

Creating a video background for WordPress is very easy. In this tutorial, we’ll cover the basics of creating a video background for your blog or website. We’ll start by explaining what a video background is, and then move onto how to create one.

What is a Video Background?

A video background is when you use video clips or a video file from your phone camera to create a background for your website or blog. The most popular videos on TikTok have, on average, 140 million views, so you’ll most likely find many suitable clips to use.

When a user clicks on your webpage’s link, they’ll see a short preview of the video displayed before them. Depending on the size of your preview, you can determine how long the video will play before the user clicks away or waits for the video to load completely.

Whether you prefer to use a video background for text or photos on your blog or website, or even both, the options are endless. You can use videos of people, nature, landscapes, food, or anything else you can think of.

How Do I Create a Video Background?

To create a video background, you’ll need a YouTube, Vimeo, or similar account. Next, you’ll need to find a suitable video to use. Since we mentioned the popularity of videos on TikTok, you can use this app to find the perfect clip to use. You can also use other video search engines, such as Yotube or Vidyard, to find the perfect clip.

Once you’ve found a video that you think would work, you need to prepare your file for upload. You can either use a free, online converter to bulk convert your videos to MP4 format, or use your phone’s built-in converter to do it yourself.

To find the right video file size for your needs, you can use this nifty little tool from Google to help you choose the right ISO for your camera.

Once you’ve prepared your video file, it’s time to upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, or similar services. When you do, you’ll need to enable the option to allow others to find your content. You can do this by searching for your video’s title in the uploader and clicking the “select button” next to it. Finally, you’ll need to set the description for your video, including a keyword or two – something that would be useful for others to find your content. After you’ve set all of this, click on “Publish” and your video will be uploaded to the internet for anyone to see.

The Advantages of a Video Background

Besides the obvious beauty that comes with using video clips as a background, there are several advantages to having a video background on your WordPress website. Here are some of them:

  • Attracting and engaging a larger audience. Varying opinions, stories, and ideas are often beneficial to a reader or viewer. Having different video backgrounds for different articles will encourage visitors to leave a comment or subscribe.
  • Blogs with videos attract more leads, and get higher click-through rates. According to HubSpot Blogs, videos in blog posts attract 42% more unique visitors than blog posts without one. The reasons behind this are numerous but include the fact that people naturally prefer to watch videos online rather than read long blog posts. Videos also make for great content reuse, as you can cut and paste parts of a video into different places in your site. For example, you could use a video to announce a new blog post, feature a product or service, or explain an upcoming event or lecture.
  • Different browsers support different formats, so trying out different versions to see which one works best with your site can help. For example, if you have a lot of text and your goal is to make the text legible, then a small video won’t do much for your site and you might have better results with a large one.
  • Varying the background image or video can help make a boring or plain website more interesting. Instead of using the same old boring wallpapers for your background, which can quickly become tiring, try out some varying videos to liven up your web space.
  • Having a video background can make your website look more professional. After all, people want to believe that you’re an expert in your field. Having a video background can certainly help create that expert persona.

When Should I Use a Video Background?

You should use a video background on your site when you have at least one of the following: