How to Choose the Right Hosting for WordPress

When you’re setting up a blog, one of the first things you need to do is choose a host. After all, you can’t expect your guests to visit your website if you don’t have a place for them to stay (and visit!). Choosing the right hosting is important for many reasons, but mostly because it will affect the way your blog functions and looks. In this article, we will discuss some of the common issues that you might encounter when choosing a host, as well as give you some tips on how to ensure you make the right choice. We’ll cover everything from pricing to features, so you can rest assured you’re making the right decision for your needs.


This might be the most important decision you make when choosing a hosting service. After all, you’re going to be entering into a legal contract with a company you’ve never done business with before, so you have to be sure that you’re getting your money’s worth. One of the best things about WordPress is that there are so many options when it comes to choosing a hosting plan. This means you’re bound to find a deal that suits your needs. Pricing is also one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a host. You don’t want to sign up for a plan that is too expensive, or you might end up regretting it down the road. Take a few moments to research the different hosting plans available, and you’ll be able to find the perfect deal for your needs. Additionally, many hosts offer special discounts if you’re signing up for a lengthy term or if you’re hosting a charitable organization. So, be sure to ask about any special deals before you decide which host to go with.


As we mentioned above, the price is really the only thing to consider when choosing a host. But, you also need to make sure that you’re getting the features you need to make your blog work properly. The features you need will depend on how your blog is going to be used. If you have a specific goal in mind when creating your blog, like attracting potential customers to your site or offering a place for people to share their thoughts, you’ll want to feature an About section where they can leave a short bio about themselves. Having a place to leave a note about your blog will also encourage potential visitors to come back for more.

Other features that are pretty standard on almost all Hosts are things like free domain registration, free backups, and free website content updates. Of course, you don’t need all of these features to have a good hosting experience, but it’s always nice when the options are there. You should also research the different features that each host offers before making a decision. This way, you’ll be sure to find the right deal for your needs. Below, we’ll discuss some of the things you should research before making a decision.

Security & Uptime

Security and uptime are important. However, they might not be as important as you think. First of all, not all secure hosts are created equal. You need to pay close attention to how the security of the host is implemented and make sure it meets your requirements. Additionally, there are free alternatives to almost all the services you might purchase when hosting with a company. This means you might have better security and uptime at no additional charge than you would with spending money on a premium plan. Finally, if you’re deadset on having a reliable and secure hosting experience, than look for a host that is both. Checking up on their records is always a good idea too (just to be sure they can deliver on their promises).


This is similar to security in that it’s not necessarily important that you find a reputable host, but it is important that you find a host that is reputable. It would be best to avoid any host that has a bad reputation. It’s always smart to do a bit of research online before making a decision, especially when it comes to these sorts of things. You can find reviews of different hosts that are posted by other users online that have tried out the service. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into (and it might even save you some money).

Customer Support

Customer support is probably one of the most important aspects of choosing a host. After all, in the event that you’re stuck with the website for some reason, or if there are any issues related to the setup or operation of the service, you’ll want someone to help you out. Fortunately, there are many good hosts that are stand by ready to help with any issues that might arise. In order to find the perfect host for your needs, you should look for a company that is known for providing excellent customer support. Additionally, you should look for a company that is open to live chat or email support as well as offers 24/7 phone support. This way, you’ll be sure to find the help you need whenever you need it.

The Basics

As we mentioned above, price is the most important factor when choosing a hosting service. But, you also need to make sure that you’re getting the basics. In the case of WordPress hosting, these are things like a free domain, free backups, and free content updates. If those aren’t things you need, then it might not be the right service for you. Fortunately, there are many good hosts that provide those basic services free of charge (and some even offer additional perks like free email marketing and SEO tools). For the best possible hosting experience, look for a service that offers all of the basics and then some. Also, make sure that the hosting service you choose is capable of handling your blog’s workload (i.e. has enough bandwidth).

Now that you have your general guidelines for choosing the right hosting, let’s explore some of the best WordPress hosting services available today.