Website Down Completely – WordPress Issues Causing Your Site to Crash

Many Websites Simply Cannot Handle Bigger Pages.

You’ve just finished creating an article for your blog and are thrilled with what you’ve written. You click the “Publish” button, and—bingo!—your article appears online just as you planned. Congrats!

But wait, there’s more! As you can imagine, as soon as your article is published, you receive a flood of readers, many of whom want to read your content in its entirety. So you decide to make several short posts to fulfill this request. It’s a perfectly reasonable thing to do, right?

Well, not necessarily. It’s great that your users want to read your content in its entirety, but that inevitably means your website—at least the version that serves your article—is going to receive a ton of traffic. And if you’re using a CMS like WordPress to power your site, none of which you’re trained to manage, that’s a lot of stress, right there.

Even if you’re using a content-management platform like WordPress to build your site, you should consider hiring a webmaster to take care of the administrative side of things for you. The stress of keeping your site live can be a challenging task when you’re not even doing anything with it.

Search Engine Penalize Your Site & Impede Growth.

When you’re getting ready to launch your website, you might be tempted to choose a popular keyword in the hope that those searching for that term will be able to find your site when they search for it. If you Googled “best wedding dresses 2019,” for example, you’d see hundreds of results, most of which are completely irrelevant to you.

While it’s great that so many people are searching for information about wedding dresses, that doesn’t mean you want to be featured among the results for that search term. What if someone is searching for advice about investing, for example, and your website pops up in the search results? You might end up sounding like a scammer, offering financial advice for no charge!

Keeping your website healthy and functioning depends on you knowing how to protect it against these kinds of issues. Which brings us to the next point.

Update WordPress & HTML5 Is The Key To Longer Page Load Times.

If your goal is to have a site that loads quickly and is accessible from any device, you need to update your WordPress installation and your website’s underlying HTML code. Otherwise, your users will experience a jarring and unpleasant experience as their browser tries to load your content while they’re waiting for something else to load (like a login screen, for example).

The good news is, updating WordPress and HTML5 is not as difficult as it sounds. The hardest part is finding the time to do it, since you already have so much on your to-do list. Which is why you should consider hiring a webmaster to help you maintain your site. You can find reliable, knowledgeable people in the WordPress community who can help you get up and running quickly while also taking care of any security issues that arise.

CMS’s Aren’t Built For These High Traffic Numbers.

Imagine for a moment that you’ve already got a successful website that has been running for a while. Maybe you even hired someone to build it for you, or you did it yourself using a CMS like WordPress. You then decide to add another layer of content or a new feature, which leads to an explosion in popularity. Now, your previously stable website is suddenly drowning in spam, hacked accounts, and traffic jams. What’s more, all those extra visitors are eating up your monthly data cap, potentially forcing you to pay more for your connection.

This is a situation that can and often does happen. When you’re developing a new website and decide to use a content-management system like WordPress to power it, you’re setting yourself up for trouble. If you’re using WordPress’s default templates, you’re also setting yourself up for trouble. Not to mention the fact that you’re not trained to use a content-management system like WordPress, which can lead to security issues and mistakes. These are the types of issues that cause a lot of damage to your site and its popularity.

If this sounds like something you’re experiencing or about to experience, then it might be a good idea to consider other options. You could try using a hosted solution like to build your site. With a hosted solution, you don’t need to worry about installing WordPress yourself or updating it when new versions come out. And best of all, you don’t need to worry about all that extra traffic eating up your data plan. Just log in once and then forget about it. Your website will remain live and online, and you can always bring it back if needed. This way, if your site does end up getting hacked or spammy content placed on it, you’re not going to lose any of your hard work because of it. And who knows, maybe even learn something from the experience.

With all that said, creating a successful and thriving website is definitely possible. It just takes a bit of planning, research, and using some common sense. If you’re looking to create an online space to express yourself or find information about something, then by all means, go for it. But if you want to use your site as a tool to make money, then you might want to look into other options.