Best WordPress Template for Your Website

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform in the world, and it’s probably not a coincidence that a lot of the most popular blog posts and websites around today are built with this amazing platform. WordPress is a free, open-source software, which makes it very accessible for beginners. In this article, you’re going to discover 6 WordPress templates that are absolutely perfect for creating a blog or a website.

1. OceanWP Blog

If you want to create a blog that looks like it could have been custom-made for the OceanWP template, then this is the one for you. With its simple and minimalistic design, subtle animations, and beautiful typography, this WordPress template will make your blog post look like a work of art. If you’re passionate about the ocean and its creatures, this OceanWP template is the perfect blog for you. It’s light enough to be mobile-friendly yet packed with vivid details.

If you want to give your posts that extra touch of polish, you can download this OceanWP template and use the CSSanimator tool to add small, subtle animations to the blog posts. For instance, you can make the text on your blog posts shrink or expand when someone mouses over them.

2. Gumtree

The Gumtree blog theme is named after the popular classified advertising website Gumtree, and what’s more is that it was actually built using Gumtree’s own tools. If you’re looking for a minimalistic blogging platform that allows for some flexibility in both design and content, this is the perfect fit. This theme provides a clean and simple layout with bright and inviting colors that will give your blog posts that extra touch of professionalism.

3. Heist

A lot of people turn to grey-market buying when they’re in need of cheap web hosting, and that’s what led to the creation of the Heist website theme. Designed by Swedish agency, HTLS, this theme makes good use of the white space around the image to present it in an attractive manner. With a subtlety in design that is characteristic of most of the HTLS work, this is a clean and elegant theme that presents your content in a simple and modern manner. When it comes to content, this theme is minimal but effective, using the space in a way that keeps your eye glued to the content and not the design of the website.

4. Aesthetic

The Aesthetic blog theme is yet another premium theme from the Hootsuite design studio. This one is dedicated to those who worship artistic beauty. Loaded with detail, this theme will make your blog posts look like something out of a fashion magazine. If you’re a creative writer who loves to paint in words, this theme is for you.

5. Graphene

The Graphene theme from Dribbble is built on a foundation of fairness isometric grids. These grids serve as the basis for the entire design, ensuring that the layout of your blog posts will be both responsive and mobile-friendly. What’s more is that the overall design is such that it will keep your readers engaged for the entire duration of their browsing experience.

This theme is ideal for those who value design quality over everything else and are passionate about design in general. Your posts will look as good as you can make them with this theme. If you love good typography, this theme’s highlight animation will make it an attraction to look at. The only downside to this theme is that it doesn’t come with any extra features.

6. MyriadPro

MyriadPro is a premium theme from StudioPress that was built using the Genesis Framework. If you’re looking for a theme that will help you to establish your authority while blogging, this is the one for you. MyriadPro offers a unique and interesting mix of features that will make your posts stand out. For example, it comes with something called Microdata, which provides you with greater control over how your blog posts are displayed on Google Search. In addition, this theme provides you with an option to display the author’s bio at the bottom of each post. If you’re a business owner or a brand manager, this theme will allow you to establish your authority while blogging for your brand.

This is one of the few themes that allow for some customization of the design, so if you’re looking for something that looks exactly like the demo, you’re going to have to make some minor adjustments. For instance, you can change the background color, add or remove images, and tweak the layout. When it comes to the microdata feature, you can choose to disable it on a per-blog basis if you don’t plan on using it.

Final Tips

If you’re looking for a free, open-source software tool to help you make your blog stand out, the best option is You’ll find a wide variety of fully-hosted WordPress sites at, and they’re all completely free. What’s more is that you can use their powerful build-it-yourself (B.I.T.Y) tool to launch your own blog in moments. B.I.T.Y allows you to combine a variety of free WordPress themes with your own custom-made designs, incorporating elements from both.](