What Are the Best WordPress Plugins to Use to Build a Bedding Website?

People around the world are increasingly spending more time sleeping in beds rather than sleeping on cushions or straw mats on the floor. According to the market research group Statista, 65% of the global population currently makes use of a bed as a sleeping surface, compared with only 16% who make use of a mat or a rug. In addition to being more comfortable, beds offer certain advantages such as being able to get up and dress more easily in the morning and reducing stress-induced insomnia. Furthermore, beds can be used to display certain objects such as artwork or trophies, and they come in a wide array of styles and sizes ensuring there is one to fit every bedroom.

Because beds are such a common area in homes, they can potentially become a wedding venue too. Whether you’re planning on having a wedding in a barn or a jungle, adding some touches of wood, nature, and rustic chic to your wedding ceremony and reception will not only make your guests feel more at home but will also add a lovely finishing touch to your celebration.

Wedding Guest List

The first and probably the most crucial step is to put together a wedding guest list. As with any other wedding, the size of your guest list will determine the overall feel and tone of your event. Ideally, you would like to invite everyone you know, which is why setting a maximum number of guests is important. Another good idea is to make a list of the essentials – the people you really need to invite – and then go from there. Once you have your final list, start contacting your guests and making the arrangements.

Reception Venue & Catering

Another essential part of putting together a wedding is to choose a reception venue and to order catering. The venue itself will determine the vibe you’re going for – formal, informal, or somewhere in-between. Once you’ve settled on an option, make sure to book it as soon as possible – preferably several months in advance.


Last but not least, we have catering. Everyone likes to eat, and as weddings go beyond the usual vegetarian and vegan options, catering for your guests’ favorites is a good idea. Depending on how extravagant your wedding is going to be, how long you’re planning on having food and how many people you have attending, choosing a menu can be a challenge. For smaller weddings, choosing something simple is a good idea – salmon, caviar and blinis served with sour cream and horseradish are always good choices. For bigger weddings, opting for a sit-down meal instead of buffet seems like a better choice, and an a la carte menu allows for more variety. It’s also a good idea to order food that is regional in origin – everyone loves a British classic but serving Yorkshire puddings and Scotch eggs at your wedding makes it seem more like a festive occasion.

Wedding season is a great time to think about building a bedding website. There is an abundance of couples who are getting married and choosing to have their wedding receptions in unique locations such as art galleries, town halls, and even the beach. Having a wedding that embodies what you want from a venue is a fantastic way to remember the day.