What Is WordPress Managed Hosting?

As the name suggests, WordPress Managed Hosting is a hosting plan developed for WordPress websites. The plan offers hosting services for individuals and businesses who want to avoid technical glitches and speed ups in the midst of website deployment. The hosting plan is built on top of the highly regarded WordPress platform, which is freely available from wordpress.org. The software allows users to publish content on various topics through a simple web interface. This type of hosting is suitable for individuals, bloggers, and small businesses who want to keep their websites intact and functioning even during peak hours.

Why Should You Consider WordPress Managed Hosting?

The most obvious advantage of choosing WordPress Managed Hosting is that the service provider takes care of the technicalities of website deployment while you focus on the content. The hosting plan offers features that simplify the process of setting up a blog or vlog for users who are new to this kind of website.

WordPress Managed Hosting also offers a money-back guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with the service for any reason. You can rest assured that your site will still be up and running even if you want to cancel the order. The service provider will not ask you to pay for servers that you do not need and, in fact, will let you downgrade your plan at any time.

What Is The Difference Between WordPress Managed Hosting And Other Managed Hosting Plans?

One of the distinguishing factors of the WordPress Managed Hosting plan is that it gives you all the tools you need to create and manage your website without needing to worry about setting up servers or figuring out complex configurations. The provided hosting does not come with a domain name, but you can choose from a range of premium ones, such as HuffPost, Business Insider, and Daily Mail. The pricing of the plan is based on the number of sites you have, and you can register up to five sites with the service. The cost of the plan is adjusted depending on the volume of traffic your sites receive.

Other managed hosting plans, such as the Google App Engine and Bluehost, offer similar services with more features. The main difference between the two types of plans is that WordPress Managed Hosting is tailored to support WordPress websites, while the other services are suitable for various content management systems.

What About The Support?

You might be wondering how robust the support is for WordPress Managed Hosting. The answer is very well; the service provider offers 24/7 premium phone support along with email support that is available around the clock. You can get hold of a support agent whenever you want via the live chat feature on their website. When it comes to dealing with technical glitches, the team behind WordPress Managed Hosting are very helpful and proactive.

WordPress Managed Hosting is a robust service that is perfect for individuals and small businesses who want to create a platform that can grow with them. The service provider takes care of the hosting details, so you can simply focus on content and engagement.