What WordPress Theme Did the Website Use?

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform out there, and with good reason! It’s incredibly easy to use and set up, yet powerful enough to allow experienced bloggers to create amazing content.

You’ll find a lot of cheap and affordable WordPress themes out there, but which one was used by the website you’re reading right now? Let’s take a look…

The Blogger

Many websites use the Blogger platform to host their content on the web, and it’s a safe bet that most of them are using one of the simpler and basic themes from that platform. While you can download and install the Blogger app onto your phone, you can also easily create an online Blogger account using your phone’s web browser.

Choosing a Blogger theme is fairly easy – you just want to pick one that’s simple yet neat and clean. If you have a specific one in mind, head over to Blogger and take a look at their themes. You’ll find a variety of options to choose from, and you can begin setting up your blog immediately.


SquareSpace is another popular blogging platform, and like Blogger, it’s a free service with a basic theme that you can download and install. You can use their platform to create and manage your blog, or use the service’s pre-made templates to get up and running quickly.

SquareSpace utilizes a ‘drag and drop’ design interface, which is similar to WordPress’s own builder tool. This means you can easily find and use the components needed to create a fully functioning blog immediately upon logging in.

SquareSpace has a large and active community, which you can access via the Help Center or their forums. If you’re looking for a simple and lightweight blogging platform with a decent set of features, SquareSpace is a great choice for you. Just remember that like Blogger, you’ll need to have a credit card on file in order to use their service.


Typeform is a bit different from the other two platforms mentioned so far. It’s the only one that doesn’t offer a ready-made blogging environment, but rather, it provides you with a minimalistic writing area called a “station”. This is great if you’re looking for a fast and easy way to produce content for your blog.

The catch is that you need to have a Google or WordPress account in order to use the platform. Once you do, you can import content from those sources into your Typeform station. You won’t need to worry about hosting or installing a blog-platform onto your own server, as Typeform does that for you. It’s completely free, and offers basic security features as well as a limited number of templates to choose from.

If you want a minimalistic and intuitive blogging platform that’s completely free, try out Typeform. They’ve worked hard to ensure that everything is easily accessible and simple to use, without unnecessary frills or complications. The fact that you need a Google or WordPress account to set it up means that it’s definitely aimed at beginners and entry-level bloggers.

Custom Choices

So you’ve decided that you want to install a blog-platform onto your own server. Great! But which one should you use? Well, it depends on what you need. If you need something extremely basic and don’t mind hosting and managing your own server, the two most popular choices are WordPress and Blogger. If you want to go with a custom platform, your best bet is SquareSpace or Typeform. They’re both reliable and robust, and have an active community support around them.

When it comes to choosing a blogging platform, don’t just focus on the cost – consider other factors as well. Did they provide a decent amount of features? Is it easy to set up? Is it intuitive? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before making a purchase decision.