Where Is File Manager in Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting?

You may be wondering where is File Manager in Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting. Let’s find out together!

Top 3 Common Questions

Where is the wordpress dashboard in Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting? How do I access FTP? What is the difference between Hepsia and GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting?

To get started, simply click the link below and you’ll be landing on the GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting home page. From there, you can see the list of hosting plans offered by GoDaddy.

You’ll notice that all of these plans include one very important thing: WordPress. Now, if you’re not familiar, WordPress is a web-based tool that creates custom websites. What’s more is all of the plans from GoDaddy include the WordPress software so you don’t have to worry about getting started.

As for the WordPress dashboard, it’s located at the top of the page when you log in to your WordPress account. You’ll see four different sections when you click on the dashboard icon—Blog, Settings, Plugins and Theme Changes. Blog is where you’ll see the articles you’ve published; Settings is where you can change the appearance of your site (choose a colour scheme, enable comments, etc.); Plugins are the applications you use to enhance your site (e.g., the WP Mailer plugin allows you to send out emails from your WordPress account). Finally, Theme Changes allows you to modify the overall look and feel of your site (choosing a different theme, adding custom CSS, and installing a font are just a few examples).

As for FTP access, this simply means you have the ability to access and upload files to the server where your website is hosted. In most cases, you’ll be asked for your FTP username and password when you try to access or upload a file through WordPress. Simply enter the credentials you’re provided with and you’ll be able to work as usual.

What Is Hepsia And GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you’re interested in this option, you’ll be landing on the Hepsia website. This is the name given to the WordPress front-end user interface (or dashboard) that comes as part of the GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting package.

Hepsia is the Swiss Army knife of web hosting; it provides the front-end user interface for you to manage your WordPress site and offers an easy way to install and activate WordPress-related apps and plugins. For instance, if you have trouble with your site’s performance, Hepsia can help you out by allowing you to install a caching plugin.

With Hepsia, the only thing you have to do is log in, click on the WordPress icon to access your site’s dashboard, and then click on the Settings icon. You’ll then see a long list of all the available plugins and themes. To activate or deactivate a plugin, just click on the name of the plugin to view its settings.

On the other hand, GoDaddy Managed WordPress Hosting is similar to Hepsia in that it provides the front-end interface for you to manage your WordPress site. The main difference between these two plans is that GoDaddy provides more secure and easy-to-use hosting than Hepsia. This is especially beneficial for businesses that store a lot of sensitive data (e.g., customer information, company secrets, etc.).

For a more secure web experience, GoDaddy offers the Business Essential plan. Like their standard plan, this option provides you with an easy-to-use, 1-click install for WordPress, as well as a 25-discount on digital resources such as videos, e-books, and webcast classes. It also gives you free backup through their award-winning Cloud Backup service. In addition, you get a free domain name with your purchase and 100 free emails.

If you’re interested in this option, feel free to explore the GoDaddy website and find out more. Remember, prices and features can vary by country and region so be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before committing.

Is Bluehost The Best Overall Choices?

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for reliable web hosting with a high performance score, then Bluehost is the clear choice. This is because Bluehost is owned and operated by a company called Endurance International Group. Moreover, Bluehost is an officially recommended web host by WordPress itself. This combination of factors makes Bluehost the best all-around option for people who want to launch a WordPress website.

What’s more is Bluehost is extremely affordable. For example, the basic Bluehost plan provides you with a free domain name, free hosting, and 50GB of storage—allowing you to launch a website for under $2.95 per month.

If you’re interested in Bluehost or want to find out more, visit this special link and you’ll be landing on the Bluehost website. From there, you can see a special offer for our readers! Simply click on the Get Started button to access their simple but effective signup form.

Now, if you’ve been searching for a one-stop-shop for web hosting for your WordPress site, then you’re in the right place! We hope this article answered some of your questions about where is File Manager in Godaddy Managed WordPress Hosting. Be sure to check out the other articles on our blog if you have more questions! And if you haven’t found the information you needed, feel free to drop us a line via our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.