Will I Lose My Google Rankings if I Change My Website from HTML to WordPress?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “Will my Google rankings go down if I switch from HTML to WordPress?”

The answer is – it depends.

On one hand, switching to WordPress will almost certainly result in a drop in search rankings because there is a lot more to web content optimization than simply fitting words into HTML tags. On the other hand, you might actually perform better in the long run because you are learning how to be more effective with SEO and are implementing changes that will actually help your rankings rise again.

Why Should You Switch to WordPress?

The short answer is that WordPress is the best platform for creating a website. Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why.

1. Ease Of Use

Creating a WordPress website is a breeze. Simply go to WordPress.org and click on the create a new blog button to get started. Once the landing page comes up, you will see the option to either choose free hosting or to sign up for a premium account. The free option is completely okay for testing the waters with SEO and getting a feel for how WordPress works, but if you are looking for a fully functioning business website with all the bells and whistles, the premium option is your best bet.

2. Customizability

WordPress offers some of the most advanced customization features that might even satisfy the most diehard HTML purists. Before you know it, you are building your own unique site that perfectly fits your needs and goals.

3. Extensibility

If you have a dream website that you think could be the perfect fit for WordPress, rest assured that it can be accomplished. Simply find the right developer to help you bring your vision to life and within no time, you will have a fully functioning and totally customized website that you can expand upon as your business grows.

4. Scalability

When it comes to scaling your website to meet the demands of your growing business, WordPress is the clear choice. With a WordPress website, you can rest assured that you are not locked into a specific design as you grow. Simply expand your site and let the power of WordPress carry you where you need to go.

5. SEO

In today’s connected world, online presence is everything. If you want to succeed, you need to have a website that can be found when someone is searching for your goods and services. Even more important, you need to have a website that actually ranks high in the search results when someone is looking for whatever it is you offer. If you are worried about your search rankings, the answer is very simple: switch to WordPress.

The long and the short of it is that if you are looking for an easy to use and highly customizable platform to grow your business, switch to WordPress. Your choice in web content management system will definitely make a difference in the success of your website.