How to Create a WordPress 3D Website with a 3D Theme

It’s been a while since we launched our WordPress tutorial series, but we’re back with a bang! In this tutorial, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about creating a WordPress 3D website. The best part? We’re not going to charge you a single penny!

WordPress is the world’s #1 content management system and powering millions of websites worldwide. If you have a small business, you run the risk of going unnoticed in the huge digital space that is WordPress. Having your own blog on WordPress is a great way to gain exposure and attract potential customers to your website. We’re going to show you how to do just that with our detailed tutorial below.

The Benefits Of A WordPress 3D Website

This type of website allows you to create a fully immersive and interactive experience for your visitors. Not only does it look fantastic, but you can also add various effects to give the illusion of three dimensions. We’re going to list a few of the benefits of a WordPress 3D website.

  • Interactivity – With a WordPress 3D website, you can add various interactive elements that will engage your visitors. This can be anything from a simple slide show to a full-blown video game!
  • Multimedia – With the ability to add video, audio, and image content, you can truly showcase your best work. A WordPress 3D website makes this quite easy. Plus, you can add multiple forms of media to one page for greater impact.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – With all the multimedia content on a WordPress 3D website, the pages are bound to be stuffed with keywords. This, in turn, makes it easier for Google and other search engines to find your content.
  • Brand Identity – If you’re looking to establish your business as an expert in your industry, you can utilize a WordPress 3D website to create a professional and reliable image.
  • Online Shopping Cart – If you’ve got an eCommerce store, you can integrate a shopping cart with Stripe (or another payment processing platform) and start collecting payment right away. Plus, with your own eCommerce store, you can even create your own branded products and offers that you can sell online.

Setting Up The Admin Side Of A WordPress 3D Website

Just like every other WordPress site, you’ll need an administrative dashboard to keep track of your content and settings. With a WordPress 3D website, this dashboard will be a little different, but there are still a few elements you need to check off to make things work. Here’s what you need to do to get started.

  • Login – Make sure to create a brand new login for your WordPress 3D website. This is also where you’ll need to enter any additional details about your site (optional).
  • Password – Make sure to set a strong password for your WordPress site. You’ll need this later on when you log in to your admin area. In addition, you should use a different password for each WordPress site you create (unless you choose to use the same one for all of them).
  • Dashboard – Your administrative dashboard will be located at Make sure to set up a different address for your admin area in your WordPress Site’s settings. This will ensure that your dashboard is always accessible by anyone who knows the address.
  • Database – A database will be required to store your content as we’ve discussed above. Luckily, WordPress comes with a built-in database called WP_DB. Make sure to check this out before you begin building your WordPress 3D website. Otherwise, you’ll have to purchase a premium version to utilize this feature.
  • Media Library – Like we discussed above, multimedia content is going to be a major component of your WordPress 3D website. You’ll need a place where you can keep track of all your images and videos. This is where the Media Library comes in. You can create a library for whatever content you want to keep track of, such as photos or videos. It’s quite easy to use and will make your content easier to find.
  • SEO – You’re going to want to create some search engine optimization (SEO) tracks on your WordPress 3D site. This is simply a way of optimistically structuring your content to make it easier for search engines to find. Typically, you’ll want to include the keyword phrases and phrases that are most relevant to your business.

Building The Front Page Of A WordPress 3D Website

Just like in the rest of WordPress, you’ll want to begin by creating a homepage to introduce your visitors to your content. You have a few options here. You can either use a free WordPress template or you can build from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It’s quite easy to do the latter, so we’re going to show you how.

To get started, you’ll need to navigate to Tools → (or Menu →) (or Appearance →) (or Style →) in your WordPress admin area. From here, you’ll see a button that looks like this:

  • Create New
  • Upgrade
  • Reload

Click on this button to launch the WordPress Customizer. This is where you can completely change the look of your WordPress website without needing to rebuild it.

If you’re using a free WordPress template, the Customizer will automatically load and you’ll be able to make changes to the template in no time. However, if you’ve built your own website from scratch, you’ll have to enter all the necessary information manually. In either case, it’s quite easy to build your WordPress 3D website and make it look as professional as possible. Just remember to add some effects to give it a 3D look.