How to Access your WordPress Account After Being Blocked for Security reasons

WordPress is a popular Content Management System (CMS) that is frequently used as a platform for websites, blogs and online stores. With the ability to be customized to fit any project, WordPress is a great fit for any business or personal project.

However, this popularity comes with a caveat. WordPress is not a free platform, and the cost of using it can be prohibitive for some businesses and individuals. In fact, according to WordPress’ pricing page, the cost of a single hosted WordPress website can be as high as $13.95 per month.

While there are numerous perks to using WordPress, if you’re looking for an inexpensive option, you may have to look for a different solution.

The Reasons Your WordPress Account Was Blocked

WordPress accounts are frequently blocked for security reasons. There are multiple ways in which WordPress’ security measures can catch and block an intruder, including:

  • Malicious software: Malicious software is software that is harmful to your computer or device. Malicious software can be a virus, Trojan or spyware. When downloaded to your device, malicious software can behave in unexpected ways that can make your device work harder than it should. Malicious software is often found in spam email attachments or links to nonexistent websites.
  • Too many login attempts: When logging in to your WordPress account, you will often be asked to provide a security code that you must enter after each login attempt. When this happens, it can be because your WordPress account has been flagged as being suspicious due to a large number of failed login attempts. This could be the result of a brute-force attack, where a hacker tries every combination of letters and numbers in order to gain access to your account. In such cases, you will need to contact a support representative via phone to reset your password. In the meantime, be sure to change your password after each successful login attempt.
  • Unexpected activity: Your WordPress account may be blocked if you are unexpectedly logged in to a different account while using the same device. For example, if you are using your personal computer at work and your company account gets blocked, you may not be able to access your WordPress account until you’re back at your desk. This could result in missing deadlines if the site owner determines that you’re performing work that should have been done by a different user.
  • Too many connections: Your WordPress account may be blocked if you are making too many connections to external servers while logged in. Making too many connections can cause your computer or device to overheat, which could potentially damage your hardware. You should only be connecting to websites and services that you need, and ensuring that your web browser is appropriately configured to only make the connections that it needs to. For example, if you are connecting to social media accounts to stay informed of the latest news and trends, you may want to configure your web browser to only connect to these platforms when you need to. Otherwise, your device could become unstable from all the extra traffic.
  • Too many logins from unknown devices: If you’re using a public computer or device and it is logged into more than one user account, then it may be possible for a third party to access your WordPress account. This can happen if a hacker finds a way to get access to one of the accounts. In this case, it would be best to turn off the devices that you’re using and/or change your passwords. Having unknown logins from unknown devices can also cause your WordPress account to be blocked if it is accessed from a different geographic location while using a different device.

As you can see, there are several reasons why your WordPress account could be blocked. However, you can always contact customer support if you’re not able to access your account and find out what is causing the problem. Doing this is easy, and they will be able to provide you with additional information about whether or not you should keep your account.

The Process for Reopening Your WordPress Account

If you’re looking for a way to reopen your blocked WordPress account, you will have to go through a process. However, as long as you have an active support contract with WordPress, this won’t be difficult. To reopen your account, you will need to follow these steps:

  • Contact customer support: First, you must contact customer support via phone or email to let them know that you would like to reopen your account. In most cases, this will be a simple process where they will need to enter your email address and verify your account. You will then be given a coupon code that you can use to pay for your next subscription.
  • Follow the prompts: Once you’ve reopened your account, log in and click the gear icon in the upper right corner. From here, you can choose to change your password or enable two factor authentication. Two factor authentication will help protect your account by requiring you to input a code after each login attempt. Changing your password will also remove all traces of previous activity from your account. If you’re unable to login at all, then contact customer support immediately to see if they can help.
  • Confirm your identity: Once you’ve changed your password and followed the prompts to enable two factor authentication, you will be asked to confirm your identity. To do this, you will need to provide additional information that can be used to verify your account. This may include entering in a new piece of information (such as a phone number) or entering in your birthday to verify that it’s yours. You will then be given instructions on how to change the email address associated with your account. It is a good idea to change your email address if you’ve been using the same one for a long time because it can become very unclutter-able. If you’re unable to confirm your identity, then your account may be blocked again for security reasons.
  • Visit your dashboard: Once you’ve confirmed your identity, you can visit your dashboard to check on the status of your account. Here, you will be able to view all of your account activities and manage your WordPress subscriptions in the future. You can also go here to change your password if you forget it.

Tips for Users

If you’re looking for ways to avoid getting your WordPress account blocked in the future, you may want to consider the following tips: