Best WordPress Developer Portfolio Websites

Looking for the best WordPress developer portfolios to showcase your work? We’ve collected a list of the most creative and impressive websites designed using the popular content management system.

Every designer and developer has a website these days, but are they all created equal? The following collection of WordPress websites will showcase your work in all its glory. From small business websites to large corporate sites, these are some of the best WordPress templates and themes out there. Enjoy!

Eden Nature Photography

Eden Nature Photography is the work of Mattias Eden, a Swedish photographer who creates breathtaking visual narratives of nature. We love the playfulness of their work and how they put a spin on the traditional wedding photo shoot.

Eden uses a variety of lenses to capture the beauty of the natural world, incorporating ideas from graphic design and web design to produce artistic images that stick out.


Branded is the personal project of Andy Kim, a designer and photographer from Canada. We love how Branded blends graphic design and photography to form a simple and elegant look.

The inspiration for this project came from Kim’s travels to Japan, where he was inspired by the beauty of their logos and branding. Using that as a starting point, he created a design language that would eventually become his own.

The Infatuation

The Infatuation is the bold and minimalistic personal blog of Maxime Germain, a French photographer. We love the retro feel of this site as it draws you in with its warm orange tones and simple layout.

We also love how he’s used parallax scrolling to create an interactive element which makes the post scrolls as you hover your mouse over the images. There’s also a lightbox feature built directly into the blog, so you can see the images in greater detail without leaving the page.

The Boudoir

The Boudoir is the photography blog of Inês Pacheco, a seasoned professional photographer based in Portugal. The name comes from the famous French artist Alfred Jarry’s 1917 play, The Génese Bath which features a character named Le Pénis. Inês has used her expertise in photography to produce dreamy, graphic-based portraits that celebrate women’s sexual allure.

Pacheco uses a mixture of film and digital photography to create subtle yet sophisticated narratives in her work. We particularly love her recent series of nude portraits that she calls “Nudes” and how she incorporates texture, pattern, and light into her work. We can also see some of her trademark soft color accents in a few of the designs.

Sebastian Kneipp’s Weblog

Sebastian Kneipp is a German photographer who has been featured in various international publications including Wired, Bloomberg Businessweek, and The New York Times. His blog is a wonderful example of his work and the thought that went into it.

His design choices are superb and we love the way he’s used a mixture of textures in his work, from rough concrete to soft wood. We also like how he’s used plants to create a more organic look and feel to his work.


Berg is the photography blog of Florian Berg, a graphic designer and photographer from Germany. We love the clean and minimalistic look of this site. It’s a veritable showcase of Berg’s work, which focuses mainly on landscape photography.

The name “Berg” derives from Berchtesgaden, the scenic hiking town in the Bavarian Alps where the photographer grew up. It was here that he developed his love of landscapes and where he first started photographing and designing graphic layouts and websites. It is no surprise, then, that the majority of his work is concentrated in this area.

Lumen The Photography Blog

Lumen The Photography Blog is the personal project of Florian Frank, a German photographer who uses graphic design and sculpture to create surrealistic imagery and animations.

His design choices and the way he uses vibrant colors to highlight the importance of light in photography are wonderful examples of how graphic design and photography can work together to create a polished product.

What really makes this site special is the way the photographer incorporates sculpture into his design, using different materials and techniques to create unique pieces of interactive art.

Candy Machine

Candy Machine is the blog of Ben Van Der Merwe, a graphic designer and photographer whose work focuses on portraiture and landscapes. We love the way he’s used humor in his work and how he incorporates vintage cameras into his design.

Van Der Merwe based his design on a photograph of a woman’s head made entirely out of gummy bears, hence the name Candy Machine.

Pikachu’s House

Pikachu’s House is the photogallery of Pikachu, a Canadian artist whose work focuses on comic book and anime-inspired design. We love the use of light and color in this design as it evokes a sense of energy and movement.

Pikachu uses a variety of analog and digital techniques to create his collages, from painting and drawing on found paper to scanning in photos from old or used books and drawing from those. He then layers his artworks using Adobe Photoshop, slicing and dicing his designs into intricate patterns and shapes that reference Japanese manga and anime culture.

Pikachu is a wonderful designer who combines technical skill with talent for art and graphic design to create stunning work that is both unique and effective.

The Atelier

The Atelier is the personal blog of Thibaut Dumas, a French photographer who specializes in portraiture and advertising photography. We love the soft colors and intimate scale of this site.

Dumas uses graphic design to create a stunning web experience for his readers, incorporating elements like parallax scrolling and subtle animations into his layouts.

He also uses light and shadow in interesting ways, creating moods and atmospheres in his images that stick out.


Hood is the personal blog of Christopher Hunt, a designer and photographer from England. We love the organic shapes and graphic design elements on display here.

The name “Hood” comes from the graphic design studio that he founded with two friends, and it is here that he showcases work from various projects. He uses a variety of design software, including Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, to create his unique mockups and animations.

Hunt uses a mixture of graphic design, photography, and motion to create arresting imagery and interactive content for his blog.


Polaroid is the creative outlet of Elliot Rose, a photographer and filmmaker from England whose work focuses on black and white imagery.

We love the way he’s used geometric shapes and vibrant colors to create a sense of energy and movement in his work.

Elliot uses graphic design to make images look as though they were shot with a Polaroid camera, using one of the most recognizable brand names in photography to attract viewers.


Pixelloid is the creative studio of Maxime Chappuis, a designer and photographer whose work focuses on graphic design, branding, and photography.

We love the bright, graphic-style imagery on show here, which is fitting given the name of the studio. Chappuis has designed many logos, websites, and corporate identities for clients including VICE, Penguin Books, and Heineken. He uses a variety of design software for his work, from Adobe Photoshop to InDesign and WordPress. He also makes extensive use of stock photography, which he transforms using his design skills.

The logos, branding, and websites created by Pixelloid are masterful, using graphic design to its full potential to create memorable images and brand experiences for its clients.

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The Makers

The Makers is the creative studio of James Molloy, a designer and photographer whose work focuses on architecture, graphic design, and fashion. We love the DIY aesthetic of this site and also how it seamlessly blends photography and graphic design.

Molloy uses a variety of design tools, including Photoshop, to create his unique pieces of work and then shares them with the world via his blog, The Makers.