What Is the Best Free WordPress Forum Hosting Service for WordPress Bloggers?

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used blogging platforms in the world, powering hundreds of millions of blogs, websites, and online stores across the globe. If you’re running a WordPress blog, you’re almost certainly familiar with the platform; it’s likely you even experimented with it at some point. But did you ever wonder what is the best free WordPress forum hosting service for WordPress bloggers?

Before you commit to a premium service, there are several worthy, free WordPress forum hosting platforms available that you should know about. We’ll cover the ins and outs of each one so you can make the right choice for your needs. Let’s get to it.


Bluehost is the oldest and arguably one of the most popular WordPress forum hosting services on the planet, boasting over 2 million downloads and a perfect 4.7 rating on Google Play. What makes Bluehost so special? The platform provides all the tools you need to get started, featuring a completely free installation, automatic backups, and an easily adjusted web hosting plan that allows you to grow with minimal effort. It is also one of the most trusted and secure WordPress services available, offering military-grade security with multi-factor authentication and more than 200 FREE plugins to enhance your blogging experience. And last but not least, Bluehost is highly optimized for performance, so your content will load quickly and smoothly.

A2 Hosting

A2 hosting is another excellent option available for WordPress bloggers, offering a generous amount of features and functions for a truly flawless platform experience. With A2, you get a free domain, free backups, and you can launch your blog in less than 5 minutes. Plus, if you need to, you can instantly upgrade to a premium plan with no downtime and no questions asked. Overall, A2 is a reliable choice that scores high in both usability and productivity. So if you’re looking for a free platform to grow your blog, look no further because A2 is where it’s at.


WPMU development is a fantastic choice for adventurous WordPress bloggers who want to experiment with the platform’s latest features and take their blogging to the next level. What sets WPMU development apart from the rest? For one, you get a free domain, free backups, and you can install WordPress 4.9 or higher. In addition, you get the option of either a free or premium version, which provides you with all the features of the platform. Finally, WPMU dev takes the complicated task of managing multiple domains and hosting accounts out of your hands, seamlessly integrating a wordpress.com website with your existing.org or.net domain.


Finally, we have interactiva, which provides the basic essentials for running a successful blog. While you don’t need to have a blog to use this service, it is highly advised that you do. With interactiva, you get a free domain, free backups, and you can install WordPress 4.9 or higher. What makes this service stand out? For one, it’s the speed, which is unmatched by most other free platforms. Second, it provides you with a simple but efficient control panel, ideal for those who want to keep their blog simple yet effective. Third, it allows you to integrate with all the major social media platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Finally, if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop solution, interactiva is exactly what you need without the hassle of having to set up your own hosting.

Hopefully, this article will help you make the right decision about which WordPress forum hosting to choose for your needs. Always remember that the right tools for the job make it much easier to perform tasks efficiently and quickly. And above all, make sure you’re getting the best possible deal for what you need. Happy blogging!