How To Choose A Reliable WordPress Hosting Service?

While there are many differences between web hosting and WordPress hosting, the most significant one is that the first is largely dedicated to storing and providing access to websites, while the latter is primarily focused on providing a platform for online content creators to showcase their work.

WordPress was first made available as a fully functioning web hosting platform in 2007 and has since grown to such a large, globally recognised brand that it now functions as a stand-alone CMS (content management system) that can be accessed and used independently of a hosting service.

As a result of its success, many hosting providers have started to offer WordPress hosting services, meaning that businesses and individuals can now purchase an affordable and reliable web platform that can be used to launch any kind of online store, blog or website.

However, with so much competition in this space, it’s become quite the battle for customers to find the most suitable WordPress hosting service for their needs. For those that want to avoid costly mistakes and be certain of the best possible experience, here are some guidelines to follow in order to choose a reliable WordPress hosting service.

Go For A Hosting Service Providing WP-CLI

With the emergence of WordPress CLI (command line interface), it’s now possible to have complete control over the server and its functions. This is a particularly appealing option for experienced coders who want to delve into the inner workings of their favourite CMS (content management system) and optimize it for speed or feature parity with the most popular platforms.

Those that opt for this route get to enjoy a fully featured and equipped administration panel, which makes it possible to install, configure and launch WordPress sites with the click of a button. While this might not sound like a major selling point, it can be when you’re dealing with complex commands and/or third-party integrations that cause confusion or errors when using conventional methods. Using the WordPress CLI is officially supported by WordPress and deemed to be less prone to errors than the classic web-based administration portal.

Look For The Best (WordPress) Based Marketing Platform

One of the primary objectives of any hosting service is to provide an environment where businesses and bloggers can test and launch their websites without fear of catastrophic failure. To this end, hosting providers generally offer support for the popular CMSs (content management systems) that can be used to create blogs and online stores, as well as for other tech-related items like web hosting, email marketing, etc. In today’s digital world, this is primarily where the action is – and it’s not hard to understand why.

With millions of websites having been launched on WordPress, it’s the go-to choice for content creators and online store owners looking to find a platform that’s both free and open-source and functions as a content management system, blogging platform or eCommerce (electronic commerce) tool.

Check Out The Productive Platform

Another vital consideration when choosing a web host is the amount of storage that’s available for your sites, as well as the speed with which that space can be accessed. One of the biggest concerns for bloggers, content creators and even online stores is speed, as sluggish performance can cause significant loss of revenue due to traffic jams, prolonged loading times and general frustration for visitors.

It’s quite ironic that Google, which is arguably the greatest wealth creator in today’s tech sector, places such a high emphasis on speed and efficiency when developing its own products. As a result, those that launch a site on the Google-owned platform enjoy lightning-fast speeds and generous amounts of storage that may leave even the biggest companies in awe. This, in turn, has made Google the obvious choice for SEO (search engine optimisation) agencies that need a host that’s both affordable and performant (efficient).

Go For A Cloud Service

One of the biggest benefits of having your own web server is the ability to deploy resources like WordPress and other content management systems to take advantage of the latest trends and technologies while also being able to tailor the platform according to your needs. This is quite an appealing option for those that want to take control of their web hosting and management rather than have it handled for them by a third party.

The advantage of going the cloud route is that you’re not tied to one physical location and can access your sites and resources from anywhere. This is quite handy for those that want to work remotely or are constantly travelling. When choosing a cloud host, make sure to look for a service that provides enough redundancy and backup options – a minimum of four external servers should be able to handle the load if the primary server goes down, for example.

Be Confident In Your Budget

When choosing a web host, it’s quite important to consider your budget as it relates to purchasing a quality product with a reputable company. Price is, of course, a crucial factor as you don’t want to invest in an expensive product that will ultimately end up being a dud. Another vital consideration is customer service, as it’s quite frustrating to deal with a company that doesn’t care enough to offer a satisfactory level of support.

With so much competition in today’s market, customers are always looking for the best deal. Hosting providers that offer incredible value and quality often see significant growth due to their excellent reputation and keen pricing strategies. To put it simply, the best host for you will depend on your needs and budget.