WordPress Hosting in Hrvatska – The Best and Most Affordable Options

If you’re looking for WordPress hosting in Hrvatska, then you’ve landed on the right page. We’ll tell you all about the various options available, including some surprising facts about the most popular hosting companies in Hrvatska.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) that’s incredibly popular with bloggers and business owners. Simply put, WordPress is a tool that allows users to easily create and manage websites that contain content such as articles, videos, and social media posts. WordPress powers more than 27% of the world’s websites, which is incredible considering the fact that it’s open-source software. Many businesses, bloggers, and individuals use WordPress because it’s so easy to use and there are thousands of professionally-made themes and plugins that can be downloaded for free.

Why Do I Need WordPress Hosting in Hrvatska?

WordPress is a content management system and as such, it needs a place to live. This is where you as a WordPress user come in – you need a hosting company that understands what you need and provides you with the best possible hosting experience.

The various components of a WordPress-powered website include a web server, a database, and PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) software. A web server is a software program that functions as a gateway to the internet for your website. This is vital because without a web server, your website will not function online. A database is a collection of data that can be stored and accessed using software programs like WordPress.

PHP is a programming language and the software that allows your website to function online. When someone clicks on a link to your site, for example, their web browser will first connect to a web server to download the contents of your webpage. If the server doesn’t have the files or if the connection drops, the person will see a blank screen with a message that the page couldn’t be found.

A good web host will have all of these pieces in place and make setting up and running your website as simple and straightforward as possible. This is why you need WordPress hosting in Hrvatska.

The Best (and Most Popular) Web Hosts for WordPress in Hrvatska

There are many reasons why you might want to choose WordPress-powered websites over traditional websites, but one of the biggest is that you don’t need to worry about hosting costs. When you host your website with WordPress, the service provider will take care of the server costs so that you only have to pay for the software. This is a huge relief to many business owners and bloggers who want to create a website but don’t have the money to spend on expensive web hosting plans. Fortunately, there are several reputable web hosts that provide incredibly affordable WordPress hosting plans.

To help you find the best and most popular web host for WordPress in Hrvatska, we’ve compiled a list of all the major web hosts and rated them according to several criteria.


One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a web host for your WordPress website is the price. It’s essential to find a host that offers extremely affordable pricing because remember, you’re paying only for what you need and not for the entire package. Some of the cheapest web hosts for WordPress that we’ve found are:

  • Bluehost — The king of affordable web hosts that offer a free domain and set-up process, plus you get to choose from a range of hosting plans with different features. ((See our in-depth review of Bluehost))
  • Hutch — This is another excellent choice for those who want to create a blog or a small business website as it provides a free domain, plus you get to choose from a range of hosting plans with different features. ((See our in-depth review of Hutch))
  • Justhost — This is the #1 recommended hosting provider by WordPress itself and is still one of the cheapest web hosts around. ((See our in-depth review of Justhost))
  • A2 Hosting — A2 hosting is owned by the same company as Justhost and offers almost the same features, however, their pricing is slightly higher than that of Justhost. ((See our in-depth review of A2 Hosting))


A good web host should provide you with advanced features that allow you to fully customize the appearance of your website. Some of the most important features to look out for are:

  • Multiple sites — In case you’re running a multi-author blog or a website with multiple pages, a good host should allow you to set up as many sites as you want with unlimited domain names and content.
  • Free backups — In case anything bad happens to your website and you want to restore it, you’ll need a good host that provides free backups. Most good hosts offer this feature for free.
  • Free domain name — Similar to the point above, a good web host should provide you with a free domain name. It’s always a good idea to sign up for a free domain name with your web host because they usually offer this as a bonus when you sign up for a new account (or if you’re renewing an existing one).
  • Free SSL certificate — When you place an order with a good web host, they will usually provide you with a free SSL certificate that will allow your website to securely transfer and display financial information. Always look out for this feature when selecting a web host.
  • Multi-language support — It’s not uncommon for websites nowadays to support multiple languages for the content that’s displayed on them. If your site visitors come from different parts of the world, you’ll need a good host that supports multi-language websites.
  • Private messaging — As a blogger or business owner, you’ll most likely be engaging with customers and potential new partners through private messages on social media. A good web host should provide you with a way to send and receive private messages with your customers.
  • Secure Socket Layer (SSL) — When a user connects to a website that uses SSL, they know that the site is accessed via a secure connection and the information they provide will be kept private. When shopping online, the majority of websites use SSL to display financial information and other sensitive data safely.
  • Robots.txt File — A robots.txt file is a simple text file that allows you to control which pages of your site get indexed by search engines and which ones don’t. Having a robots.txt file on your site can also help prevent your website from being hacked. ((See our guide to creating a robots.txt file))

User Interface

In addition to offering you great features, a good web host should make setting up and using your website as easy as possible. One of the major factors that contribute to the simplicity of use is the web host’s user interface (UI). The user interface is the connection that users have to your website — it’s how they find, reach, and interact with your content. As a result, a good user interface can make a huge difference in your users’ experience and may even increase your website’s popularity.

Reliability & Support

Another important consideration when choosing a web host for your site is the reliability and support that you can expect. After all, you’ll be depending on the service provider to maintain and operate your site regularly. In case you’re worried about downtime or frustration with the support team, it’s best to choose a web host that offers 24/7/365 ticket-based support or live chat support through their website.

WordPress itself is incredibly popular because it’s free and open-source software that’s very easy to use. As a result, there are thousands of WordPress-related tutorials, guides, and FAQs that you can find online which makes setting up your site very convenient. If you have little to no technical experience, the online documentation and community support that exists for WordPress can help get you up and running in no time.

Whether you’re looking for a simple blog or a complex business website, there’s a WordPress-related service that can help you choose the right hosting solution for your needs. Be sure to take our advice and compare the features, pricing, reliability, and support of all the web hosts that you encounter before making a decision.