WordPress Hosting on Google Sites – 3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using It

We all know that WordPress is one of the most popular and powerful content management systems around. Not only can you use it to launch your own blog or website, but you can also utilize WordPress to power your social media accounts (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram).

Despite its popularity, WP still has one major drawback: the platform is notoriously difficult to host yourself. For this reason, many people (myself included) turn to the wonderful world of WordPress hosting on Google sites. In this article, I will discuss three reasons why you should be using WordPress hosting on Google sites over your own server.

1. Security

One of the major reasons why you should be using WordPress hosting on Google sites instead of running your own server is security. The experts at WordPress state that the platform is more secure than ever before due to all of the hard work that Google and others have been doing to protect user data. For example, Google sites now uses a secure socket layer (SSL) to encrypt all of your data before it is transmitted to Google.

Additionally, Google sites uses a hardened PHP interpreter that is not vulnerable to known hacks, meaning it is less likely to be exploited by hackers. Of course, you should still take all of the usual precautions you would with any other form of online security.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Another great thing about WordPress hosting on Google sites is that it is often cheaper than the alternatives. For example, if you compare the costs of a standard plan with WordPress hosting on Google sites to that of a premium plan with a traditional web host, you will find that the latter is considerably more expensive.

Even if you have a budget in mind, you should opt for WordPress hosting on Google sites since the pricing is often favorable. For example, the standard plan from WordPress hosts starts at just $5 per month while the premium plan with a traditional web host typically costs $10-$15 per month.

3. Scalability

Last but not least, we have scalability. Due to Google’s dominant position in the market, it is now possible to host a massive WordPress site on their platform because of the company’s incredible infrastructure. This means that you can create a resource-heavy website that will perform impressively on the platform.

Also, when you host your WordPress site on Google sites, all of your files are stored in a networked storage space that is shared with other users. As a result, your site will load much faster than one that is stored on a physical server.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a safe, inexpensive, and scalable alternative to running your own server, look no further because WordPress hosting on Google sites is the clear choice.

More Information

For more information on WordPress hosting on Google sites, please visit the associated WordPress documentation or read the official blog post for a comprehensive overview.

To learn more, you can also attend any of WordPress’ live chats with technical experts on the platform itself or reach out via their community forums if you have further questions.