How to Use an IFrame to Create a Pop-Up Website

An iframe is a common HTML element used to embed content from another domain (usually a website). Iframes give website creators the opportunity to insert content from other websites, either on the same or a different domain, within their own.

The content inside an iframe is typically hidden from the user’s view, as they would never enter a site they’re not familiar with. This makes it easy for website owners to create pop-up websites, which display content only when the user interacts with the site or the embedded content.

Why Use An IFrame?

There are several advantages to using an iframe. First off, it is very simple to add an iframe to a website. You just have to paste the HTML code into a designated area on your page. You don’t have to set any CPM or banner ad units or worry about tracking pixels, as the iframe code handles all of that for you. (You can always opt out of having your data tracked and used for commercial purposes if you’re doubtful about using an iframe to host content.)

Another great advantage of using an iframe is that you can easily insert content from other domains. Many big social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, offer an embed feature that makes it easy to add external content to your website. For example, if you have a Twitter account and someone shares a blog post link on your behalf, you can easily add it to your website by using the Twitter embed feature.

How to Use An IFrame To Create A Pop-Up Website

Nowadays, many big social media platforms also offer custom domain names with their embedded content, which makes it even easier to add external content to your website. For example, if you want to add the New York Times’ website to your own blog, all you have to do is type into your browser to make sure you’re on their domain and then hit enter.

Once you’re on their domain, you can add content from their website straight into your blog post by simply dragging the blue box that appears in the top right corner into your post.

You can also use an iframe to create a pop-up website. To do this, you first need to add an HTML