What Is a Personal Website and Why Should You Create One?

A personal website is a website built around a single individual or company. It is usually independent of any kind of establishment or brand, and can range from a simple blog to a sophisticated online platform designed for a specific purpose.

The name ‘personal website’ may seem like an oxymoron, or perhaps even a contradiction. After all, isn’t a website usually used to promote or sell a product or service? Well, yes, but nothing stops you from having a website for personal use, or even to host a podcast or event. Furthermore, a ‘personal’ website can exist independently of any one product or service; it can simply exist as an online space featuring content curated from a variety of sources.

So why would you create a personal website? There are several compelling reasons; here are just a few.

To Test New Themes And Platforms

One of the biggest draws of a personal website is the variety of themes and tools available to create and design it. If you have a special design in mind, or want to start from scratch and rebuild part of your site, you can do so with minimal effort using a number of pre-made themes or creating one from scratch. Even if you have a fairly basic design in mind, using a ready-made theme will save you the time and effort of creating a brand new site from scratch. The only downside is that, sometimes, the theme you choose doesn’t fit your needs perfectly, and you will have to find a new one or create one from scratch. However, this is a very rare occurrence.

To Get Inspired

Your own personal website is a wonderful place to get inspired and motivated. If you are searching for ideas and want to try out new things, you can do so without fear of failure. No one will be judging you, and if anything goes wrong, you can just delete the site and start over again. If you are looking for inspiration, you can visit the many talented creators’ personal websites, which usually feature their own collections of crafted works, from blogs and newsletters to galleries and other useful tools.

To Build A Network

A personal website is a great way to build a network. Not only will you have all the content you need to curate, but you can also connect with other bloggers, journalists, and content creators to share content, collaborate, or just keep in touch. If you are looking for ways to connect with other bloggers, journalists, or content creators, create a personal website, populate it with relevant content, and start connecting with like-minded individuals.

To Be Unique

Last but not least, we have uniqueness. Personal websites can be quite personal, and therefore can feature unique and intimate details about the author. If you are looking for a way to stand out from the crowd, you can use your personal website to showcase your unique perspectives, experiences, and creative work. Perhaps you want to create a website to document your travels, or write about your passions, or even just to keep a journal of your thoughts? Whatever it may be, an intimate story told through a personal website is sure to resonate with your target audience, and make them remember you.

As you can see, there are several compelling reasons to create a personal website. Hopefully, this article will help answer the questions ‘what is’ and ‘why should you create one?’. Thanks for reading! We would love to see your own personal website, so feel free to drop us a line if you have any questions or comments at hello@creativemama.com.