WordPress Plugin to Give Feedback on Website

WordPress is the number one content management system (CMS) used around the world. It is extremely popular because it is free and open source, which means it is extremely flexible and highly customizable.

However, despite its popularity, WordPress is not a perfect tool for all situations. One problem that many WordPress websites have is that they never really get good feedback. Even when people like a website or blog they read and enjoy, they rarely leave a constructive comment. It is almost as if the default setting of the human mind is to be negative, especially when it comes to something new and/or different.

That is why I decided to create a WordPress plugin that would allow users to leave comments directly on any blog or website they visit. I wanted to give WordPress a boost by giving it a feature that makes the user experience much better.

What is the ChimpFeedback plugin?

The ChimpFeedback plugin is a WordPress plugin that was designed to create a better user experience for WordPress users by enabling them to leave feedback on any blog or website that they visit.

When someone leaves feedback on a blog or website, it is usually left as a comment, although other options such as a score or a review are also sometimes used.

The idea behind ChimpFeedback is to give the user an incentive to leave feedback even when they don’t have anything nice to say. To encourage people to leave feedback, the plugin displays a little chimp mascot randomly throughout the site. When a user hovers their mouse over the chimp, it will give them the option to enter a comment or leave feedback.

Additionally, the plugin allows users to like or dislike a page based on whether or not they want to leave feedback on that site.

Why Should I Use the ChimpFeedback Plugin?

I use the ChimpFeedback plugin on a number of my own websites and have found it to be very useful. Sometimes I will stumble upon a website that I think is really cool and decide to leave feedback, but I don’t have much else to say. In those cases, the ChimpFeedback plugin really helps out because it gives me something to leave behind even if the site isn’t that great.

I also use it when I leave a site that I am unhappy with, but I don’t feel comfortable leaving my mobile number or email address. With the ChimpFeedback plugin, I can leave a vague comment like “not bad” or “that was pretty cool,” and move on with my life.

How Does It Work?

When a user visits a blog or website that is powered by the ChimpFeedback plugin, it will display a chimp image in the sidebar. If the user leaves their email address or telephone number, they will be entered into a draw to win one of several prizes.

Additionally, the plugin will display an animated gif to represent the chimp symbol. When the user hovers their mouse over the chimp, they will see a tooltip that will read “Leave feedback on [name].” When the user clicks on the chimp, it will take them to a page where they can leave feedback on the blog or website by clicking the “Leave a Reply” button.

Why Should I Trust You?

I can’t say that I fully trust you, Ken, but I do have a lot of confidence in your abilities. You see, I have known you for a while and have seen your work. I think you will do a good job with this project and I would be willing to put my money where my mouse is.

Installation Steps

To install the ChimpFeedback plugin, simply go to your WordPress menu and click on the “Plugins” option. Once the menu loads, click on the “Add New” button and scroll down to the “Plugins” section. In the “Search” box, type “chimp” and click the “Search Plugins” button.

Once the search results page loads, click on the “Install” button to the right of the plugin’s name to begin the installation process. Depending on your browser, this may take a while (up to a minute or two). During the installation process, you will be presented with several options. Since this plugin is designed to work with WordPress 4.4 and above, make sure that you choose “Update” for the installation method.

Useful Tips

Once you have installed the plugin, go to your WordPress dashboard and click on the “Tools” option in the upper right corner. From here, you can enable the chimp symbol to appear on your site by going to “Settings” and changing the option from “Display the Chimp Logo to Stay Alive” to “Display the Chimp Logo.”

To change the way the tooltips and animated arrows appear on your site, go to “Settings” and change the “Button” option from “Arrows” to “Gravatar.” If you are unfamiliar with Gravatar, it is a service that allows users to have a custom image link to their email address or telephone number. Simply click on the “Get Started” button to begin using the service.

One of the best things about the ChimpFeedback plugin is that it is very easy to use. Even someone with no knowledge of WordPress at all will be able to use it successfully. This makes it a perfect fit for anyone who is just getting started with blogging or website development.

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