The Best WordPress Themes for Churches

WordPress is the world’s #2 content management system (CMS) platform, powering more than 27% of all websites. Its popularity continues to grow, with more and more people discovering its versatile design tools, powerful features, and large community.

Amongst WordPress’s robust features is its Theme Customizer, enabling designers to effortlessly change the look and feel of their sites with just a few clicks.

This functionality, along with the powerful admin panel, makes it a popular choice amongst designers, bloggers, and business owners who need a content-friendly platform to get their projects launched swiftly and professionally.

However, despite its popularity, many Christians may be hesitant to use WordPress for their websites due to its association with pornography. Although this topic hasn’t deterred the vast majority of WordPress users, it’s still something that the Church needs to be aware of.

Thankfully, there are several WordPress themes that churches can utilize to ensure that their websites don’t feature any sexually explicit content. These themes are designed to adhere to the guidelines set forward by the Alliance for Safe Online Phrasing (ASOP).

Each year, ASOP releases a list of content restrictions that publishers, bloggers, and website owners must follow. These include guidelines for dealing with sex, drugs, and alcohol, as well as violence and profanity.

To comply with these guidelines, WordPress themes need to be checked for problematic words and phrases, as well as flagged if any inappropriate content is to be found. This is a time-consuming process, but it’s essential for ensuring that children, women, and other sensitive groups do not stumble upon vulgar content while browsing the Internet. With this in mind, let’s have a look at the best WordPress themes for churches.

The Bloggiez Team

The Bloggiez team has put together a list of 21 WordPress themes that adhere to the guidelines set forward by the Alliance for Safe Online Phrasing (ASOP).

Many of these themes were created with the specific needs of churches in mind, enabling clergy, pastors, and other religious leaders to effectively communicate the Gospel via blogs and online stories. With WordPress’s flexible design options, advanced functionality, and large community, it’s an excellent content-driven platform for developing your digital presence.

The Bloggiez themes range from clean and modern to earthy and rustic, with several boasting a gothic twist. The designs are fresh and modern, with some elements, like rounded corners or drop shadows, enhancing the overall look and feel of the site. The color schemes are monochromatic or pastel, keeping with the relaxed, carefree atmosphere that many churches try to portray.

The Agora

The Agora project was initiated in 2014 by a group of pastors, theologians, and communication experts who wanted to provide a one-stop-shop for Christian businesses looking to establish a greater presence on the web. As the name would suggest, the theme was designed with several important features, including a commerce section, contact form, and a fully-featured newsletter subscription in mind.

The Agora design is fairly minimalist, with a bold blue accentuating the various content areas, like the homepage or the blog article. This area is separated from the rest of the page content by a thick white band, adding to the clean, airy feel sought after by many churches and non-profits.

Bible Verse

The Bible Verse theme from ThemeForest is designed to look like an old-school Bibles, with gold leafing, embossed texture, and a matching cover page. This theme includes a lot of useful features, like a sticky header, featured images, and custom background colors for different parts of the site. There’s also a handy shortcode for the featured products, enabling them to be displayed quickly and easily.

The homepage of the Bible Verse website features a white background and a large blue banner extending across the top. This area is separated from the page content by a thick horizontal line, while smaller banners adorn the sidebar.

A Light In The Darkness

The A Light In The Darkness theme from ThemeForest was designed to evoke the atmosphere within a church, with its thick stone walls, dim lighting, and pews for seating.

This theme is a great choice for churches that want to establish a more traditional look, with its dark colors and rough edges, providing an earthy atmosphere which is both appealing and memorable. The homepage of the A Light In The Darkness website features a striking illustration, with the words “A light in the darkness.” This is the first thing users will see when they visit the site, so it’s important that it draws their attention and causes them to click further into the content, or, in other words, “takes them behind the curtain.”

An Awkward Silence

The An Awkward Silence theme from ThemeForest evokes an uncomfortable silence within a church, with its background music, heavy lighting, and subdued colors. This theme is the perfect choice for churches that want to project a more traditional and conservative vibe.

The An Awkward Silence homepage features a large image of an auditorium, accompanied by a quotation from 2 Corinthians 5:14. This is a reference to the movie The Book of Eli, whose protagonist, Eli, is a hermit-like figure who foreshadows the coming of the Antichrist.

Casual Church

The Casual Church theme from ThemeForest aims to provide a more streamlined experience for churches who want to encourage visitors to explore more content without feeling inundated by texts, videos, and social media posts. This design is a great choice for churches that want to establish a more personal connection with their audience through blogs, stories, and curated lists of useful resources.

The Casual Church homepage features a large image of a young mother, accompanied by the words “Moments Like This Make Everything Worth It.” This is a reference to the song “Make Your Mama Proud,” released by American country music group The Oak Ridge Boys.

The Casual Church theme includes several ready-made blog posts and articles, as well as two custom widgets for the sidebar: A search bar, and a block of “Quick links” containing social media buttons like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

Come As You Are

The Come As You Are theme from HTML5 UP, designed by David Kovalic, was created to provide a modern and elegant experience for churches who want to welcome everyone regardless of their background or gender. HTML5 UP’s creative director, David Kovalic, shared with us that they wanted “to make a beautiful, accessible website that felt like a breath of fresh air. A breath of freedom.”

This theme is a great choice for churches that want to establish a more modern and inviting atmosphere, whether it’s within the walls of the church or within the virtual portals that are websites.

The Come As You Are homepage features a striking illustration by Grace VanderWaal, along with the words “Let your presence be your apology.” This is a reference to Matthew 6:16.

The Come As You Are theme is extremely minimalistic, with only a few elements, like the header image and the small square pattern on the background of the page. For additional visual interest, the theme includes a featured image and background pattern for each page, as well as a menu at the top of the page.

Different Vibes

The Different Vibes theme from HTML5 UP is our last stop on this list, but it’s not exactly what one would expect to see when browsing the Church section of a theme directory. This theme evokes several different vibes at the same time, like the nostalgia of a bygone era paired with cutting edge tech, like QR codes and responsive web design. If you’re looking for an understated and clean design with high-end features, this may be the one for you.