WordPress Theme for Movies Website?

With the rising popularity of movie blogging and movie reviews, it’s time for movie studios to re-consider their approach to creating websites. At first, studios would just use wordpress as a matter of course because it’s so easy to set-up a blog using the popular blogging platform. However, as movie blogs and movie reviews take the industry by storm, it’s time for studios to update their approach and consider other options.

One of the most interesting approaches would be to use a wordpress theme specifically designed for movie websites. In this article, we will explore 5 reasons why a wordpress theme for movies might be the way forward for your next movie website.

Reason 1: Modern Looking

One of the first things anyone notices about a movie website is its look and feel. To achieve a modern look, the design studio Atelier BB used a free wordpress theme, Revolution, and then modified it to create a custom theme for the movie website, The Dark Knight. The result is a sleek, stylish looking film website that wouldn’t look out of place next to a fashion magazine.

Revolution is a free wordpress theme that was first introduced in 2014. It’s a simple, yet effective theme that allows webmasters to set up a blog in no time. One of the major features of Revolution is its sleek, modern look which makes it the perfect choice for a website that aspires for a modern, stylish look. The dark knight movie was released in 2013 so this is quite an update for this movie website.

Reason 2: Different Layouts

In addition to having a modern look, a sleek, stylish movie website also offers customers or potential customers different options for browsing through its content. Thanks to the growing popularity of vertical scrolling magazine articles, the layout for a film website can now be differentiated from a traditional blog layout. Instead of having a series of posts in a typical blog format, a cinematic magazine might organize its content in a way that allows the viewer to browse through a variety of stories in a vertical, scrolling manner.

In the case of Vertigo, a 2002 movie directed by Hitchcock, the layout follows a similar pattern but with a series of concentric circles that gradually roll outwards, revealing more content as you scroll further down.

Reason 3: Interactive

An incredible advantage of a vertical scrolling layout is that it allows webmasters to add interactive elements that weren’t previously possible. Take the dark knight website as an example; it not only provides a steady stream of content but also includes a series of interactive elements such as rotating images, videos, and even maps that allow the viewer to become more immersed in the content.

One of the major downsides of a traditional blog format is that it doesn’t allow for much interactivity. Rotating images or videos aren’t easy to do in a formal blog setting, and maps are usually a bitmap image that you just insert into the post and then reference at the bottom of the article. There’s also no clear indication as to which maps you’re supposed to be referring to in the first place.

Reason 4: Mobile Responsive

Another thing that differentiates a professional-looking cinema website from a blog is its responsiveness on mobile devices. A decent-looking blog might struggle to look good on a small screen since its writing is usually on the longer side and there’s only so much space on a blog post to make it look good on a small screen. However, a skilled web developer can easily create a mobile-friendly layout for a cinema website that would blow away any blog post you might publish.

When it comes to mobile responsiveness, a blog post just doesn’t cut it. A good-looking cinema website on mobile devices will have all the content fitting snugly on screen with multiple columns and pictures that change their appearance and layout depending on the screen size. This might require a bit of coding but nothing too complex or technical. It’s simply a case of understanding what tools and platforms are available to create the desired effect and then utilizing them to their fullest.

Reason 5: SEO Optimized

Even though the first four reasons might not sound like they relate to one another, they all actually do. Let’s take a quick look at SEO; search engine optimization. A good-looking website will have all the necessary SEO elements in place to ensure that its content shows up when relevant keywords are searched for online. This usually means having meta tags, heading tags, and relevant content throughout the website. As a webmaster, you don’t necessarily have to do anything special to achieve good SEO; the platforms like Google AdWords can handle the optimization for you. The important thing is to have the proper keywords in place so when a potential customer is searching for the types of products or services you offer, they land on your website.

Final Takeaway

After reading this article, you should have a clear idea of why a wordpress theme for movies might be the way forward for your next movie website. As you can see, there are many reasons why creating a wordpress theme for movies could be a good idea. If you’re curious, you can check out the full dark knight theme and see it in action. If you’d like to see more, here’s a list of the top 15+ websites that use a wordpress theme for movies.