Which WordPress Theme Is Like Apple’s Website?

You may wonder, which WordPress theme is like Apple’s website? Or, which WordPress theme is most like the original iMac? In this article, we’ll discuss the similarities and differences regarding the design and functionality of several popular WordPress themes and the legendary Apple website. Let’s get started.

The Big Apple

When Apple released its original iMac in 1998, the web design world was in a bit of a tizzy. Up until that point, everyone had designed their websites using a mouse and graphics programs such as Paint Shop Pro or PhotoShop. With the arrival of the iMac, everyone needed to start designing websites from scratch using only a keyboard and text editor. This was challenging at first, but worth it in the end because the internet was forever changed by this one product. One of the first websites to be inspired by the original iMac was Apple’s website.

The Ghostly Apple

Since then, Apple’s website has been a source of design inspiration for other websites and blogs, especially web designers and developers who are looking for a clean and minimalistic design that is completely unique and custom made. If you visit Apple’s website today, you’ll see that although it is still minimalist, the layout and color scheme have changed quite a bit from the original and it now uses a custom-made typeface known as Merriweather. This is why some people refer to Apple’s website as “The Ghostly Apple”.

The Living, Breathing Apple

While some people may compare Apple’s website to a ghost, that doesn’t mean the company’s designers and developers don’t still actively work on it. Since the inception of the original website, Apple has updated and changed it often to keep up with the times and the evolving world of the internet. Their dedication to staying ahead of the curve can be seen in the fact that Apple’s website is still currently in the process of being updated and is only a placeholder until the end.


If you’re into statistics and data, you may already know that in addition to being the namesake of Apple’s website, the Big Apple also happens to be the home of the well-known data website FiveThirtyEight. In order to provide quick and easy access to data-driven stories, the website uses a heavily modified version of the Big Apple theme, with new plugins, colors, and typography. Like Apple’s website, FiveThirtyEight’s design is fairly minimalist with whitespace being the dominant color used throughout.


Wired is another popular data website that was also partly inspired by Apple’s original iMac. The site uses a modified version of the Big Apple Theme, with slight modifications to fit its specific design needs. Similar to FiveThirtyEight, Wired’s design is fairly minimalist, though it makes use of colorful overlays and typography to bring some life to the website’s content.

As you may have guessed, this article is not purely about Apple’s website—it’s about the many different themes and templates that the company’s products have inspired. What do you think about Apple’s website? Can you identify any other websites or blogs that use the same design language? Let us know in the comments below!