How to Choose a WordPress Website Design Service – What to Look for & What to Avoid

WordPress is the number one content management system (CMS) in use today, powering millions of websites around the world. It’s a great choice for those seeking a free blogging platform with no sign up required).

But what should you look for in a reputable WordPress website design service? Are there any key differences between different companies that you should know about before making your decision?

In this article, we’ll run down the essential features you should look out for when choosing a WordPress website design service, as well as some common pitfalls to avoid.

Features To Look For

The most important factor to consider when choosing a WordPress website design service is the features they offer. The two main features are

  • Layout options: Do you want a boxed-in layout or a full-bleed design?
  • Content management system (CMS): Do you want full-blown content management or a drag-and-drop blog builder?

Other factors to consider are the

  • Hosting service: Do you want to host your site yourself or do you want to use a hosting service?
  • SSL certificate: Do you need an SSL certificate to secure your site or are you happy with the regular HTTP protocol? (HTTPS is a different matter – it’s all about establishing a link between your visitors and your content, ensuring their personal information (i.e. credit card numbers) are kept secure.)
  • Email support: Does the company offer 24/7 email support or just ticket-based support? (Mostly likely those companies that offer email support will also have an FAQ section on their website containing helpful common answers to frequently asked questions. This way you can always find what you’re looking for even if you’re not tech-savvy and don’t want to bother with detailed instructions or jargon.)
  • Training: Do you want to learn how to use the tool or do you want to hire someone to do it for you? (Don’t get us wrong – we love WordPress and have used it for our own sites. But like most things in life, you can’t always have the best without experiencing the worst first. So it’s important to research the training provided by any potential WordPress website design company you’re considering, to make sure they can bring value to your project. This way you can be sure you’ll get the same high-quality service you’d expect from a reputable brand. If they don’t have any training material available, ask for a demo of their service or give them a call to see how competent they are in person. You can also search for reviews online to get an idea of what others think about the training experience.)
  • Quality Of Work: Are they a real company or a fake one (i.e. someone who registered a domain name and is running adsense accounts to generate revenue)?
  • Money Back Guarantee: Are you prepared to be satisfied with their service if you’re not completely satisfied or is your need for a change higher than that? (Think of this as a buyer beware scenario. You’re getting what you pay for and even if you’re getting a good deal, that doesn’t mean the service will be good. Just because a company is affordable doesn’t mean they’re necessarily worth your time and effort.)

Pitfalls To Avoid

There are several things you should avoid if you want to choose the right WordPress website design service. First of all, make sure to avoid hosting services that are hosted in China due to the country’s high cyber-security standards. This way you can ensure your site will be safe from hackers and data breaches.

Another important point to make is that you shouldn’t fall for hype. Just because a company provides cheap plans or is offering special promotional discounts doesn’t mean they’re offering good value for your money or that their service is any good. Always look at the features their plans offer and how they perform in comparison to similar services.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of their work. Like with most things in life, you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for high-quality work with a low price-tag, you’re better off skipping the scammy websites and going with a known brand that can bring value to your project. Poor-quality work will only hurt your own project in the long run. So always, always, look for the certification and ensure they have enough experience to provide the service you need. A final point to make is that you shouldn’t rush into choosing a company. Take your time and do your research before committing to anything. Even if you find a company that seems like a good fit, you might not be getting the best service if you rush into a decision. So take some time to think about it and if you still feel confident in your decision, go for it! If you decide later that you’re not happy with the service you got, you can always change your mind and choose another company. The alternative is to leave your site in good hands and they can help you build it the way you want it. 

To help you make the right choice, we’ve also compiled a comprehensive buyer’s guide that covers every aspect of the process from choosing a theme to setting up email notifications. If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all your WordPress needs, check out our curated list of the best WordPress hosting providers below.